Zero Waste Starter Kit - Laundry

Zero Waste Starter Kit - Laundry

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bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4
ecoLiving Wooden Clothes Pegs (FSC 100%)ecoLiving Wooden Clothes Pegs (FSC 100%)
ecoLiving Organic Marseille Soap Bar 300gecoLiving Organic Marseille Soap Bar 300g

Brand:  Baba Me

Do you want to protect your family's skin from the harsh chemicals in laundry detergents?

We've created this all natural solution to your laundry needs, because your family deserves the best. Our huge organic Marseille soap bar can be used to wash your clothes, you can also use it as a body wash, shaving soap, insecticide, dish wash and more! Make your own family friendly laundry detergent from this organic soap made with only Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Sea Salt and Water. Our biodegradable wooden clothes pegs and hypoallergenic wool dryer balls are also free from chemicals and are the eco friendly way to dry your clothes.

SAVE MONEY - Laundry detergents can be expensive, particularly those branded as "natural". Make your own at home, using just 3 ingredients. Save lots of money, while knowing precisely what you are washing your clothes with!You'll also save energy (and therefore money) using our eco friendly drying solutions.

FAMILY FRIENDLY - Free from harsh chemicals, these products are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, the mutipurpose Marseille soap will come in handy for any ocassion, whether than be treating stained clothing, using as shaving soap or using as a natural insecticide.

ZERO WASTE - Our organic soap bar is the perfect solution to your daily laundry needs. It's also a body wash, shaving soap, insecticide, dish wash and more!

An all natural solution to your laundry needs, because your family deserves the best

While there's a huge range of heavily perfumed fabric detergents and conditioners out there, the reality is that the harsh chemicals and perfumes within them really aren't kind to sensitive skin. Furthermore, most of the "natural" alternatives you find in the supermarket still come in plastic packaging, with questionable ethical practices going on behind the scenes. Others are just plain ineffective- we want something that's gentle, yes, but up to the job of cleaning stubborn stains!

So lets talk about this amazing organic Marseille soap bar, shall we? At a whopping 300g, this beautiful all purpose soap bar really has it all. Not only can you use it to wash your clothes, you can also use it as a body wash, shaving soap, insecticide, dish wash and more! This is a must have for any kitchen- just think how many plastic packaged products you can replace with this bar? Made in France with just Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Sea Salt and Water, this is soap bar is safe for the whole family. Grate and add to your machine drawer to wash clothes, or rub directly on clothes before washing as a natural stain remover. Sensitive skin will just love this mild and effective soap!

When it comes to drying your clothes, our 100% plastic free Wooden pegs, packaged in recycled cardboard are the eco friendly choice. Each pack contains 20 wooden pegs, made in Europe from FSC® certified Beech wood and steel spring. These wooden clothes pegs can be composted and are fully biodegradable.

And, when you really have to use the dryer, do what you can to save energy- use this set of 4 hypoallergenic wool dryer balls in place of dryer sheets. These wool balls will not only soften your clothes, they also absorb moisture, reducing the time and energy expended to dry your clothes. They are really handy to have in the winter months especially when airy drying can be a struggle.

Order your kit today to remove the chemicals and plastic waste from your laundry routine.


1. Is the Marseille Soap SLS and Paraben free?
Of course! This soap contains only Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt and Water so is all natural and mild.

2. Is the soap free from Palm Oil?

3.How do I use the dryer balls? And are they really effective?
Simply add these dryer balls with your clothes in the dryer. You will hear them bouncing around, and that's okay! These can reduce your drying time by 20%, which is particularly significant if you have a bigger household and wash lots of clothes!

4. How do I use the Marseille soap to wash clothes?

As a stain remover, simply lather up some soap on the garment before washing, then wash as normal. You can also make your own laundry soap- we've included one recipe below. This is a great way to save money, since you only need Marseille soap, baking soda and water!

For 2 litres of detergent:
  • 100g of Marseille soap, grate to flakes
  • 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda
  • 2 litres of water
  • optional: a few drops of essential oils of your choice (lemon, lavender, etc.)

  • 1- In a large saucepan, put one litre of water and soap on medium heat. Leave on the fire, stirring occasionally, until the water almost boils.

    2- Immediately add the bicarbonate (otherwise the soap will solidify). The mixture will foam slightly (so plan a large saucepan). Let it sit for an hour.

    3- Add one litre of cold or room temperature water, and the essential oil(s) (optional).

    4 -Your home laundry detergent is ready! Pour in one or two empty bottle (do not fill completely so you can shake). Shake the bottle well to remove any lumps.

    Use 1.5 to 2 caps per wash. Shake the bottle before use. It is possible that over time the laundry soap thickens. Just add water and shake.

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