Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic large

Yuuki Menstrual cup Classic large

Our Price:  €16.00


Brand:  YUUKI
Diameter:  46 mm
Cup Length:  56 mm
Stem Length:  18 mm
Total Length:  74 mm
Capacity to the Rim:  37 ml
Capacity to the holes:  28 ml
Clean Cup Included:  Yes

  • Made from high-grade medical silicone.
  • Provides comfort and no restrictions.
  • Cost-effective. Can last up to 10 years.
  • Reusable and hygienic. Perfect for women who have given birth already.

Never say yes again to disposable pads and tampons after using this amazing and super comfortable Yuuki Menstrual Cup Classic in Small size.

Yuuki menstrual cups made from high-grade medical silicone, provide comfort and no restrictions when it's the time of the month again. Each cup is cost-effective and can last up to 10 years. It is a modern feminine hygiene device that is easier to handle and use. It provides health benefits such as prevention from toxic shock syndrome and risks of infection.

This cup in small size is recommended for sports active women, for light days and for women who haven't given birth.

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