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Wooden Toy Kitchen

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Wooden Play Kitchen

Let your little ones cook some fun with our range of wooden toy kitchens.

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Tender Leaf Toys Grand Wooden Toy Kitchen
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Tender Leaf Toys Home Kitchen
Tidlo Country Play Kitchen
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Bigjigs Play Kitchen
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Djeco Leos Cooker
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Tender Leaf Toys Kitchenette
Tender Leaf Toys Pop Up Wooden Toy Kitchen
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Bigjigs Portable Cooker
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Plan Toys Tableware Set 3605
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Choose from a variety of kitchen designs that you think fits best with your kid's style and personality. These toy kitchen sets are made from ethically sourced wood and painted with non-toxic dyes. The neutral, bright coloured finish makes these kitchen toys appropriate for kids of any gender. Your kids can role-play as chefs who own a restaurant, baker who bakes delicious pastries and cakes or just someone who loves cooking. With our wooden toy kitchens, your kids are guaranteed to have fun, creative and imaginative playtime.

Pretend play toys and role play toys, like this wooden play kitchen, help children develop in many key skill areas, from social skills to emotional understanding it is vital that this form of play is incorporated into their everyday life to help them grow into healthy, well-rounded individuals. A wooden play kitchen set acts as the centre of many kids games. Our beautiful wooden toy kitchens will entice kids to take on a variety of different roles from mum or dad to cafe worker, each game will take your child to different places as they incorporate other wooden toys into their play. For example, wooden blocks will become different foods and a doll pram will be used to help deliver food to customers. Role play is much easier with wooden toys.

A child's game could begin with a trip to different shops to buy the wooden kitchen set they require to cook. The Bigjigs wooden play shop, with Goki toy till and plan toys shopping carts, lend themselves perfectly here. We stock a huge variety of wooden play food and tea sets enabling children to buy vegetables from a greengrocer, meat from a butcher and bread from a baker amongst others. These play sets are available as different kits to buy separately or we have some great bundles to stock your child's shelves such as the Djeco Grocery wooden play food Set with realistic food labels on the packaging.

Next, encourage your budding chef to take their purchases to their toy kitchen play set. Our wooden play kitchens have all been specifically chosen for their sturdy high-quality build from solid wood and beautiful paint detailing. We have also ensured we have a great range to suit many space and budget limitations. We're sure you will be able to find the right play kitchen for you and your children.

If you're looking for a retro wooden kitchen then the Indigo Jamm kitchenette Wooden Play Kitchen is for you. If a vintage kitchen is more your style the beautiful Tidlo Country wooden play kitchen with its gorgeous Belfast sink is best, its a real deluxe wooden kitchen and our top seller!. Each of our play toy kitchens has a burner stove or hob, oven with working doors, turning cooker knobs, storage cupboards and shelves for salt and pepper shakers, kitchen utensils, pots pans and a kitchen sink with kitchen sink mixer tap, some of which have been made from stainless steel.Kids love the role play aspect of playing with a wooden kitchen play set, and associated cake stand etc. Pretend play with a wooden kitchen and tea set can be done inside or as outdoor toys.

Children will then begin preparing and cooking their pretend food. We have many sets of utensils and pots and pans for you to choose between. Some have been made from solid wood and decorated using water-based paint, others are stainless steel. Kids will love using them on the burner stove and putting them in the oven door then turning knobs whilst they wait for food to cook.

Choosing the right play food set for your child could be tricky as there are so many to choose between. For budding bakers, we have eggs with removable yolks to use in conjunction with baking sets. If your child enjoys throwing tea parties then one of our beautiful tea sets, cake stand, cakes and cookies would be a well-loved addition to their wooden toy collection. As well as their wooden kitchen toys, you could create a costume box to enhance children's pretend play experience, including hats fascinators, aprons, dresses and gloves, old bed linen also makes for a great tablecloth.Pretend play is so important for children, and a wooden play kitchen is an ideal wooden toy for pretend play and role play, much better than playing video games!

A deluxe wooden kitchen play set with pots pans etc is important not only for pretend play and imaginative play but can help picky eaters want to try new foods. With the use of the camper mini stove set as a tabletop kitchen on your work surface children can prepare their pretend play set at the same time you prepare their tea. They will be able to familiarise themselves with new foods and will be more encouraged to eat them as they are no longer alien to them.

Take a look at the Tidlo outdoor toy kitchen appliances to create an amazing mud kitchen for great outdoor toys. With various Tidlo kitchen play set to choose from such as the stainless steel kitchen utensils, pots pans, chopping board (from the cutting veg set) your child can forage for various items to create many new concoctions, role play at it's best! As they are stainless steel the Tidlo kitchen play toy can be wiped with water to clean them.