Wooden Push Along Duck Toy

Wooden Push Along Duck Toy

Our Price:  €23.68

Brand:  Plan Toys
Age:  12m+
Dimensions:  25x10.6x56 cm

Push your way around and make his feet "flip-flop"!

This wooden push along duck is perfect for your little one. It's made from natural rubber sheet and easy to clean up. When pushed, the duck makes a realistic flip-flop with its feet. 

✓ Let's you watch your child have a blast with this toy.
Gives your child a sense of independence 
✓ Makes bath time more fun with the rubber feet that can be easily cleaned up
 Give your child a toy they'll love playing with for years.
✓ Encourages gross motor skills development in young children 


This Push Along Duck is one happy toy! Push them around the house or down on hunting trips. A good push along can go a long way in getting you where you want to go.  With rubber feet that are easy to clean up, there are no worries when the time comes for cleanup duty! And don't worry about bringing it down when reaching an obstacle-- its feet will keep on flipping with just the right amount of resistance. 

✓ The perfect bath time toy
Improves balance and coordination
✓ Suitable for 12 months+
 Easy to clean up after playtime 
✓ Make a realistic flip-flop noise with its feet.

Ready, set....GO! Wait, don't leave without this rubber duckie.

Our Wooden Push Along Duck Toy is an adorable and fun plaything that will keep your child entertained for hours on end. It's made from natural rubber sheet which makes it easy to clean up after they've had their fun with it. The best part of all? It has a realistic flip-flop sound when pushed along the floor or ground!

For over 30 years plan toys have designed toys with the utmost respect for children & nature, it's their thing. Vitool Viraponsavan started Plan Toys. He grew up in Trange, among the rubber trees and saw the trees being wasted once they were no longer producing rubber. Vitool went to Bangkok to study architecture. It was here he formulated his vision, with friends, to change the world and help make it more sustainable. The 7 friends partnered together and created the Plan Group, from which later developed PlanToys. The Plan Group is an architectural firm, a publishing house & graphic design studio, a little bit of everything, but everything they do is with the mission to be kind to people and the environment.


1. What kind of wood are plan toys made of?

Plan toys are manufactured from natural rubber sheet.

2. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages 12 months and older

3. What is the dimensions of this playset?

25x10.6x56 cm

4. What kind of skills does the children will develop from this toy?

This toy will help develop gross motor, coordination, imagination and language

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