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wooden play food

Our range of wooden play food will be a fine addition to your kid's toy kitchen collection. Made from high quality and responsibly sourced wood, these toys are 100% safe for kids and eco-friendly. Choose from a wide variety of play food including eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and many more. There are also pastries and cakes for budding bakers and pastry chefs. Kids love to roleplay as chefs because food is something they see and eat every day. Roleplay with your kids as customers of their restaurant or bakeshop. From chicken thigh to marmalade spreads, we've got the best wooden play food items on the market.

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Deluxe Big Jigs Village Shop Bundle
€310.51   €232.88
Tender Leaf Toys Bird's Nest Cafe Bundle
Role Play Bundle
Plan Toys Bake Off Set- Bread
€118.97   €104.69
Tender Leaf My Forest Floor
Wooden Breakfast Set
Tender Leaf Toys Birdie Afternoon Tea Bundle
Tender Leaf Toys Bird'S Nest Cafe
€118.91   €89.23
Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea & Biscuits
€65.43   €56.51
Indigo Jamm Jamm Coffee Machine
Plan Toys Bread Loaf Set
Plan Toys Cupcake Set
Plan Toys Sushi Set
Bigjigs Picnic Bench
Tender Leaf Toys Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand
Bigjigs Table top BBQ
Tender Leaf Scoops & Smiles
Indigo Jamm Cutting Roast Chicken
Tender Leaf Pizza Party
Tender Leaf Charcuterie Basket
Tender Leaf Fruity Basket
Tender Leaf Veggie Basket
Tender Leaf Bread Basket
Tender Leaf Seafood Basket
Tender Leaf Toys Animal Macarons
Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper
Djeco Grocery set
€11.76   €9.41
Bigjigs Tea Bags

Page 1 of 1:    31 Items