Wooden Kaleidoscope Toy - Mushroom

Wooden Kaleidoscope Toy - Mushroom

Our Price:  €5.90

Brand:  Plan Toys
Age:  18m
Dimensions:  This toy measures 5 x 5 x 5.5cm and the lens is 3cm.

A perfect way to show your child other ways of looking at things.

From it beautiful, this kaleidoscope is sure to be eye-catching. It's sturdy wooden design means it'll stand up well against tough play conditions so it can keep you children entertained for hours on end.

✓ Promotes curiosity in children about how things work 
Gives parents an opportunity to talk with their child about shapes, colors, and patterns
✓ Give your child the gift of curiosity and wonderment.

The Plan Toys Mushroom Kaleidoscope is a simple and classic way for young children to experiment with imaginative patterns. Plan Toys has put this kaleidoscope together in three different colours - yellow, red or green. You can specify one color that you want when you order if you need it specific, but trust us-a mushroom kaleidoscope will bring a sense of wonder to the world's smallest explorers!

✓ Promotes creativity and imagination.
Encourages curiosity in children.
✓ Give your child the gift of curiosity and wonderment.
 Kids can learn about shapes and colors 
✓ Suitable for children 18 months+

Kaleidoscopes are the name of the game!

The Plan Toys Mushroom Kaleidoscope is the perfect toy for children to explore their surroundings and see things from a new perspective. Made out of sustainable rubberwood, dyed with child safe water-based colour. Comes in three different colors: green, yellow, and red. This kaleidoscope will be loved by your child for years!

Your child will love this classic wooden kaleidoscope toy, which they can use to view their world in a different way. They can explore patterns, shapes, colors and more with this simple yet effective toy! 

For over 30 years plan toys have designed toys with the utmost respect for children & nature, it's their thing. Vitool Viraponsavan started Plan Toys. He grew up in Trange, among the rubber trees and saw the trees being wasted once they were no longer producing rubber. Vitool went to Bangkok to study architecture. It was here he formulated his vision, with friends, to change the world and help make it more sustainable. The 7 friends partnered together and created the Plan Group, from which later developed PlanToys. The Plan Group is an architectural firm, a publishing house & graphic design studio, a little bit of everything, but everything they do is with the mission to be kind to people and the environment.


1. What kind of wood are plan toys made of?

Plan toys are manufactured from natural rubber wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex after 25 years.

2. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages 18 months and older

3. What is the dimensions of this playset?

This toy measures 5 x 5 x 5.5cm and the lens is 3cm.  

4. What kind of skills does the children will develop from this toy?

This toy will help develop grip, coordination, motor skills and vision



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