Wooden Baby Walker

Wooden Baby Walker

Wooden Baby Walkers, Activity Walkers, Ride-Ons & Push-Alongs

Your baby's first steps are important so we handpicked the best wooden baby walkers to give your little ones the support they need. We have a wide selection of wooden baby walkers to choose from. BigJigs and Tidlo activity walkers run on 4 wheels and feature small detachable toys guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for hours. Tender Leaf also has a wooden walker that comes with a tray full of colourful blocks. If you're looking for something simple, we have Indigo Jam's Ride On Bus and Camper Van Walker. These wooden baby walkers are designed for comfort with your little one's needs in mind.

Find the best wooden baby walkers, walker activity centres and wooden pull along toys

When babies first begin to find their feet they will look for anything they can use to pull themselves up to standing. This might be your leg, the edge of a coffee table or if they are lucky a beautiful . As soon as they find the strength in their legs it seems that all they want to do is stand, and walking along holding your hands is the best new game ever. Meaning a wood baby walker might give your back a bit of a break as well.

A Wooden Baby Walker: What to Look For in the Best Wooden Baby Walker

A carefully designed wooden baby walker should give your baby just the right amount of support for when they take their first steps. Helping them gain in confidence and coordination. Infants can start from a young age just standing at a push along wooden baby walker long before they tentatively begin walking.

These walkers aren’t about teaching babies to walk. Babies will learn that all by themselves. But instead, providing an engaging developmentally appropriate toy that will enhance their development experience. It is a joy to watch as babies discover their feet through experiment and persistence. And the joy and sense of achievement they feel when they finally take their first steps.

When choosing a wooden baby walker you don’t want it to rush away from them but at the same time, it needs to be easy enough for them to move when they do start walking. That's why we love the little rubber strips on the wheels, they help stop them slipping on wooden or laminate floors. Although of course, you’ll always want to be nearby to offer a hand if support is needed.

Each wooden baby walker in our fantastic range can double as a cart meaning these aren't just toys for babies. Toddlers will love pushing around toys long after they are confident on their feet. And it's amazing to watch how an older toddler will return to a well-loved toy and yet play with it in a totally different way. Don't be surprised if your walker becomes a shopping cart during role play games in a year or two.

Then you have the option of wooden baby walkers complete with blocks or a full-on activity walker.

Activity walkers offer a great play station for babies that are sitting up but not yet on their feet and are a great way to develop fine and gross motor skills. This type of wooden baby walker will encourage interaction as your baby figures out what each of the pieces do. And of course, they are great for keeping little ones engaged. Each of the activities will engage the senses in a different way and require different skills to complete. Some will require fine motor skills and basic problem solving while others provide auditory or visual stimulation that gets the brain firing and are vital for cognitive development. 

And of course, every child should have a set of wooden blocks to play with. Building blocks are great for building fine motor skills and dexterity, learning balance and problem-solving skills, and they are lots and lots of fun to knock down. Babies love to chew them, bang them together, try to stack them and will find endless delight in knocking them over when you build a tower. As they grow learning how to stack objects is a key skill for them to develop. Having a set of blocks that they are used to playing with will means this happens naturally through play. Plus having them as part of a set with a wooden baby walker means you don't have to worry about where to store them.

Our Wooden Baby Walkers

  • The Tidlo wooden  baby walker with ABC building blocks has a handlebar at two separate heights. This is a premium wooden baby walker feature that will be adequate to last your child throughout their journey from crawling to walking. This wooden baby walker has a play tray that becomes easy storage for the wooden building blocks the walker comes with, or any other toys that might require transportation around the room.
  • The Tidlo activity wooden baby walker is not only baby walker but an activity centre at the same time. This wooden baby walker comes with multiple activities for babies to play with. Blocks, beads, mazes and cogs will all help with fine motor development. Some of the accessories make sounds as the wooden baby walker is pushed along making it a multi-sensory experience for babies without the need for batteries. And the handles of the activity wooden baby walker and our other walking toys are beautifully smooth whilst the wheels move freely and easily along the floor.
  • The Indigo Jamm Campervan Wooden Baby Walker is a beautiful toy. This cute retro camper styled wooden baby walker comes with a set of 20 wooden blocks, in different shapes, printed with coloured stripes and patterns. Babies and toddlers will have great fun taking dolls or teddies for a ride in this fab walker. We think this would make a great first birthday present for a baby that will get years of play.
  • The BigJigs Flower wooden activity baby walker or Marine wooden activity baby walker. These wooden baby walkers are very similar in design with different decoration. Both feature a lovely little shape sorter on the side and lots of activities for babies to engage with and develop key skills through play even before they are able to use it as a walker. A lovely wooden baby toy that will provide endless fun. This acts as several toys in one and can be used for colour and shape recognition, learning about animals or sea creatures, and even times of day as little ones get older.

Pull Along Baby Toys

Once little ones have mastered walking and are steady on their feet children will move on to push and pull along toys. Pushing and pulling toys is another developmental milestone for babies as they improve their gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination and sensory skills. From learning to walk they will soon be able to run around with their favourite toys following them.

There are loads of different pull along toys available. From gorgeous animals in vibrant colours, we love the Djeco pull along toys for this, to pull along carts that will be loved for years and utilised in so many ways. The Plan Toys cart is perfect for pulling all their favourite toys along behind them everywhere they go, and great for toy storage at the end of the day as well.

The Orange tree tractor and trailer puzzle set is gorgeous and comes with a removable horse, sheep cow and duck. And we love Hugo! This Djeco snail pull along pops balls and stars as he’s pulled along the floor making a very satisfying noise that children love.

Why choose a wooden baby walker over plastic baby walkers

Traditional wooden toys are seeing a revival and for good reason. They are far more environmentally sustainable, particularly when they come from carefully chosen suppliers that source materials responsibly and care about the planet as well as our children. But they also offer a different kind of play.

The natural nature and texture of the toys offer children a greater connection to the world around them that they get from plastic toys. And the beautiful simplicity of wooden toys means children are less likely to get overstimulated causing them to fret and fuss. A lower level of stimulation also allows room for their imaginations to grow and develop. Leading to much more satisfying and educational play.

Many of our stunning wooden toys are made from solid wood, are sturdy and made to last. They have been wonderfully decorated in bright, vivid paint that is completely free from harmful chemicals. These are beautiful toys that have been made to be played with and passed on.

Plan Toys use a combination of solid rubberwood and PlanWood. A trademarked product developed from the waste sawdust created in their toy factory. This amazing material is strong, durable and can even be put in the dishwasher. It’s completely safe for children and can be moulded into all sorts of shapes that are hard to achieve with a solid piece of wood.

Why we need to encourage free movement through a wooden baby walker

From young babies, modern-day infants spend a lot of time in a baby car seat either in the car, being carried, or travel systems now allow a car seat to be attached to frames with wheels so baby can be pushed around with ease. To counteract that and ensure correct physical development it is important to develop muscles and encourage free movement.

Babies will develop this strength and movement totally naturally if given the opportunity for free movement and play. Just lying on the floor and rolling around is great for development and gradually turns into sitting, crawling, standing and walking.  You might have a baby jumper or a baby bouncer, to build up strength in their legs, or even a wobbel that will allow them to gently rock back and forth. In fact, we love the wobbel at Babame. It's a great toy that can be enjoyed by everyone from tiny tots to teenagers and even grandparents.

Learning balance and building core strength is essential for babies and toddlers. And a great skill for parents to work on and develop as well. You can develop your own core strength as you play with your baby on a wobbel, and they will be building and strengthening muscles while they play. The original with felt or plain are safety tested from 0 months so it's really never too early to buy a wobbel and start using it to encourage movement and creativity.

As gain strength and begin to stand they will enjoy holding onto and pushing a wooden baby walker, babies begin to learn how to shift their weight from foot to foot taking precarious steps to propel themselves forward.

All of our wooden baby walkers have scored well in our parents' baby walker reviews, so take a browse through this section to decide which would be best for your baby.

Baby Walker Safety

Each wooden baby walker we sell and all our other baby toys have been carefully chosen and we are confident they meet the highest safety standards. 

The safety of your children is of the utmost importance, therefore, it is vital that these toys are not played with near stairs. They should ideally be played with on the ground floor of the house and with adult supervision.

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