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Wobbel Wooden Balancing Boards

Wobbel balancing boards are not bound by its definition by adults.

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Wobbel Mini
Wobbel Original Natural Balance  Board
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Wobbel Starter Transparent
Wobbel XL Linen
Wobbel XL Natural
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Wobbel360 felt BABY mouse
Wobbel360 With Felt Mouse
Wobbel Original Bamboo
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Wobbel is a classic balance board with a modern design. This balance board is a fixture in a Waldorf learning school setup. Wobbel boards are made from responsibly sourced beechwood that comes from strictly controlled European FSC certified plantations and finished with non-toxic lacquer. They are also well made and have great quality. Wobbel boards conform to European and international safety standards for kids toys, making it 100% safe for kids.

Wobbel boards come in recycled packaging, further reducing plastic waste.

Wobbel Boards for Open Ended Fun

Wobbel boards, just like most Waldorf inspired toys, offers kids the opportunity to discover endless possibilities. It’s appearance looks like an ordinary board but In the eyes of our kids, Wobbel boards are more than just a balancing board. They can use it as a balancing board, swing, bridge, race track, lounge seat and many more. It helps your kids develop their balance and poise as they grow. It also stimulates their creativity and imagination. Physical development wise, it helps kids develop their sense of balance and encourages correct posture.

If you are looking for a toy that offers open ended fun, look no further than our Wobbel balance board collection.

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