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Why You Should Be Using a Baby Carrier


Babywearing is the practice of carrying a baby using a baby carrier like a sling or wrap. It keeps your baby close to you in a position that is comfortable for both baby and parent. More parents are opting and using baby carriers to carry and comfort their crying and restless baby around easily. Even fathers can use the same baby carrier their wives use to calm and carry their baby around.

Baby Carriers for Babywearing

Babywearing enables parents to take care of their baby whilst they move around. It makes their lives more comfortable, easy and sometimes, can help calm a fussy child. There are many types of baby carriers which include ring slings, pouch slings, and wraps.

Modern baby carriers include several types such as structured hip carriers, soft structured carriers, structured front packs and hard-framed backpacks. There are big brands of baby carriers that provide all of these types where you can choose what suits you best.

Baby carriers have evolved over the years. It evolved from cultures that used anything to carry heavy things such as baskets. When using a baby carrier, babies can be carried in different ways and different positions. Examples are cradle hold, front carry and hip carry.

Reasons to Love a Baby Carrier

  • Helps with breastfeeding moms. Baby slings can give moms the privacy whilst baby feeding anywhere and anytime.
  • A better alternative to heavy strollers. The dilemma of looking after your baby using a stroller is never ending. You have to carry the heavy thing when an elevator is not present. Uh-oh!
  • More connection and bonding with the baby. Baby and mommy can have plenty of bonding when babywearing. Plus, the connection grows stronger and unbreakable.
  • Keeps baby safe and grow healthier. Babywearing enables a healthy and good development for babies both physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Allows every parent to move around. How to keep dinner warm when baby is fussy? Well, a baby carrier enables every parent to move around. Watering the plant seems less of a task right?
  • Enables parents to multitask, do errands and even exercise. Need something to buy or a work report that needs to be done and submitted? Or need to get shaped? Well, those are the least of your worries when a baby is worn.
  • Beneficial when out for travel, walks and shopping. Coming over the holidays to grannyís house can be less tiring and less hassle when youíve got a baby carrier. Shopping for new baby clothes can also be less stressful.
  • Increases awareness towards a babyís needs. The way a baby is worn towards you enables you to listen and be aware of what is happening around him. You can notice and see closely every tiny detail about your baby and how fast he/she grows.
  • Builds a personal space for the baby. Most people donít know personal space for every baby so when you are babywearing, baby can have his own tummy time and undisturbed rest.
  • Economical and more fun. Baby carriers can last for years and can be passed down to another baby. Babywearing also enables most moms to enjoy and have fun.

These are only a few of the reasons why baby carriers are loved by many. Thereís a wide range of baby carriers to choose from and all of them offer different ways to support both mother and baby. Choosing the best baby carrier can be a bit difficult but there are plenty of online resources like forums where you can read reviews and learn more about a particular baby carrier from other parents such as yourself.

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