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Why use Eco-friendly products?

Living sustainably by using eco-friendly natural products is just one of many ways we can save our planet from total destruction. We are already experiencing some of the adverse effects we have on the environment and if we donít make the change now, it might be too late for us. Understanding why we should change with the way we live is key to saving our planet.

Why use Eco-friendly products

With the growing demand for bottled water and beverages globally, current estimates show that about 22,000 plastic bottles are sold every second worldwide. Thatís a staggering number considering how many of these plastic bottles end up in landfills and oceans.

Not only that, there are other products that are non-biodegradable and takes hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose. Most of these products are not made ethically, have higher carbon footprints and use higher energy during their production. The alarming rate could double or triple a few years from now and we have to do something in order to help save our environment.

Using eco-friendly products at home is a good start. By simply switching to plastic-free toiletries, kitchen wares and even for your babyís toys goes a long way in preserving our environment. You can also choose to buy locally-made and ethically sourced products. There are outlets and stores that offer refills or offer bulk items. In this way, you can bring your own container or have bigger items bought.

Making lifestyle changes is a great way to start living sustainably, too. Ditch plastic bottles for reusable ones that are made from stainless steel or silicone. There are plenty of options and variations that you can buy. Klean Kanteen offers wide selection for adults and for toddlers to use. When going for shopping or buying groceries, Shared Earthís Jute Bags are the comfiest, sturdiest and most gorgeous bags that you can ever bring. These bags are made from jute which is a plant-based material and durable enough to last for years.

Furthermore, instead of buying plastic toys, why not give them wooden toys and cotton dolls? Tegu has a collection of magnetic wooden blocks that your child can play and learn about magnetism and cause-effect relationship. The Eco-buds dolls from Rubens Barn are fantastic dolls that are made from eco-friendly materials. These dolls do not contain harmful components so they are safe for little ones.

Advantages of using plastic free or eco-friendly products

There are many advantages to using eco-friendly products. Most people are discouraged from using them because of the upfront cost. However, due to the increase in demand for these products, they have become affordable and easily available on the market. Most of these products are designed to last longer and reusable for years to come. For instance, buying a silicone menstrual cup for monthly flow management has an upfront cost of between $20 to $50. You can buy disposable pads for a cheaper price but silicone menstrual cups last for at least 10 years which means you do not have to buy monthly supplies of tampons. Buying eco-friendly products at the start is a big investment and may take a big portion of your income but in the long run, it is for bigger savings.

Eco-friendly products are also durable which means you do not have to buy them as often as you would. Take stainless steel water bottles as an example. Most stainless steel water bottles are made from high quality stainless steel and have protection added to them against chipping. These stainless steel water bottles are also made to withstand drops so they are worth every penny. Not to mention, they do not contain BPA which is one of many harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Go for green

By going green, we can help save the planet and live a clean and pollution-free environment that we, humans, will most likely benefit from. It is a wise decision to always preserve the beauty of our nature because if it is inhabitable, we will all cease to exist.

The start is always the hardest yet we must take into serious consideration the effects of our actions. If we promote a healthy and sustainable living, we are also protecting the environment. Every one of us is responsible for protecting and preserving our environment.

Start at home or start within yourself. Challenge yourself to go green and preserve the beauty of our environment. Itís now or never

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