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Why Use a Nappy Rash Cream?

Nappy cream should be part of your baby care essentials.

nappy rash cream

Nappy Rash Cream

Babies have thinner skin compared to adults. Their skin is so much more delicate and more prone to skin disorders and infection. That is why, every mother out there needs to look after their baby’s health more thoroughly.

When a baby is left and exposed to soiled nappy, the irritants - wee and poo, can help develop red, moist and itchy spots that are commonly called nappy rashes. Nappy rash can occur anytime and not just on the baby’s bum because of the moisture build up and leak along with the bacteria.

Babies who are suffering from diarrhea have higher risk of getting nappy rash too. Teething and weaning babies are also at risk. Apart from that, babies have an allergic reaction to certain baby products that can also develop rashes and skin irritation.

Nappy rash may also be caused by the material in which nappy is made of. Some fabrics are too harsh for the baby’s skin and when worn can be quite uncomfy. These rough fabrics can rub against the skin and can start irritation.

Baby wipes are also culprits in causing nappy rash. If you are using disposable baby wipes, there are certain ingredients that are not hypoallergenic and can cause irritation. Moreover, using reusable cloth wipes can also cause rash and irritation if the fabric is rough. Best to choose organic cotton ones.

In order to prevent the discomfort and pain brought about by these factors and to help heal nappy rash, your GP can recommend the use of nappy rash cream. It is available over the counter and it usually comes as cream, salve or ointment which can treat diaper rash. Nappy rash cream creates a protective barrier between the nappy and the skin. By adding a thin layer of this cream, moisture is wicked away preventing irritation.

You should have nappy rash cream in your baby care kit

Nappy rash creams are also used to prevent the rash from spreading. If a rash is left untreated, it can extend upward and can worsen. Some severe cases involve ulceration, blisters and dry skin. Because of these, babies can not tolerate the pain and may need higher antibiotics. However, dependence on antibiotics will disrupt a baby’s body to naturally heal itself and will also develop antibiotic resistance.

The earlier the treatment, the better. Most diaper rash cream contains antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties that heal, smoothen and relieve. These rashes usually go away

because of these healing properties depending on what cream your GP prescribes. Yet, most natural essential oils found in nappy rash creams are proven effective in healing the broken skin. Calendula and Chamomile are amongst the natural oils that have healing benefits.

Zinc oxide is the most popular active ingredient that enables a protective layer in sealing out wetness. When applying a diaper rash cream, it is not recommended to apply it thickly because too much of it can make things go bad. Apply only a thin layer as much as possible.

Furthermore, once a diaper rash is developed, it can usually go away on its own 2-3 days but you can still ask your GP if it is possible to use a nappy rash cream. Aside from using a nappy rash cream, you can also prevent nappy rash by changing your baby’s soiled nappy immediately. As the famous line says, “Prevention is better than cure.”

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