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Why Use a Lip Balm

Lip balms or lip salves add an extra layer of protection to our lips that can help prevent cracked, dry and chapped lips. These products do contain natural and organic ingredients such as beeswax and jojoba oil which helps seal in moisture and helps smoothen the surface layer of the lips.

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As often as needed, it is recommended to apply one on our lips even before bedtime. Did you know that there are several factors that can promote dryness and chapped lips? Wind is one factor and dry air. Some people buy a humidifier to increase the humidity in the air.

Cold temperature can also be a reason why lips tend to dry out. It is because oil glands are not present in lips as compared to other parts of the body. Too much exposure to the sun can also cause cracking in our lips. The easiest way to achieve hydrated lips if lip balm is not around is to drink plenty of water. Hydration can increase moisture and will make your lips nourished.

There are simple and easy lip balm recipes available online in which you can make your DIY lip balm. These balm recipes are easy to follow and will contain all organic and natural ingredients. Homemade lip balms, as what they are usually tagged, can help moisturize the lips minus artificial chemicals and fragrances.

But why do we really need to use lip balm? Or is okay to never use one?

As long as we are fully hydrated, we won’t need lip balms. But in certain cases such as outdoor activity, living in cold temperature regions or for aesthetic purposes, lip balms are vital products. Plus, when we are sleeping, we won’t be able to replenish moisture (who does?) so lip balms are a lifesaver.

Here are some detailed reasons why we need to use lip balms:

Using Lip Balm Makes you look younger.

Who would look nice with dry, flaky and chapped lips? Lip balms enable cells of the lips to smoothen out which gives a supple and kissable pucker. Some lip balms even contain SPF that can prevent pigmentation making your lips look radiant and hydrated.

Prevents irritation and infection.

Chapped and dry lips allows irritation to occur and will further be the reason for infection to take place. But if the lips are sealed with moisture, such as using a lip balm, these cases can be prevented. The lips can also heal fast when used with a lip balm. It is because they contain essential oils that have antiseptic and antibacterial properties such as Chamomile extracts.

Serves as a booster for lipsticks.

Women who love to use lipstick can attest to this. Lip balms can make your pucker look supple and kissable when used. The trick to it is using lip balm prior to applying your favorite lipstick. Unlike creamy mattes variations, matte lipstick and powder mattes can settle in cracks of the lips which will only highlight the dryness.

Prevents chapped and dry lips.

Have you ever noticed that when someone is talking, you tend to look at their mouth? So what if you have dry and chapped lips? The situation can be pretty awkward and embarrassing. Save yourself from the embarrassment by using lip balms. These, as mentioned, hydrate the lips and moisturize them. A win-win to close that deal, right?

Helps counter attack dryness from medication

If you are taking medicines, chances are your lips may be more prone to dryness. Medications such as Vitamin A, antidepressants and antihistamines can contribute to dry mouth which causes sore mouth, cracked lips and rough tongue. Using lip balms can help alleviate the effects of these medicines especially if it is needed to be consumed.

As a final thought, lip balms can have positive effects most especially in hydrating and making our lips look more presentable. In some cases, it is essential to use one to further prevent damage to our lips which is thinner than our facial skin.

If you are not a fan of lip balms, it is best to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water or protecting yourself from factors that draws moisture out of the body. You can also stay away from too much exposure to the sun and stay indoors if you are more prone to dryness of the lips.

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