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Why Use a Bamboo Toothbrush

Switching from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes has many benefits. Not only are they eco-friendly but they are free from nasty chemicals typically found in plastic products like BPA.


We have been brushing our teeth for as long as we can remember that we donít give it much thought anymore. The plastic toothbrushes weíve thrown in the garbage bin over the years still exist to this day because plastic is non-biodegradable. It takes hundreds of years for them to break down and when they do, they become microplastics.

Why should you choose bamboo next time you buy a toothbrush?

There are so many reasons why we should avoid using plastic products and the best we can do today is make changes gradually. We could start with our bathroom where most single-use plastics are found like toothbrushes. Plastics are also made from non-renewable oil and will require higher amounts of energy to be processed.

Not only are plastics bad on the environment, they could also potentially cause serious health problems because they contain BPA or bisphenol A. Several studies have shown that BPA causes serious health problems like heart diseases, diabetes and many more.

Bamboo is a favourite material by eco-brands and for good reasons. Itís one of the most sustainable resources on the planet that does not require too much water to grow. Bamboo plants also grow without the need for chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo as a material is known for its durability and natural antimicrobial properties. It is also a highly biodegradable material which means you can toss your bamboo toothbrush into your compost bin or in the food waste after removing its head and bristles.

But before you put it in a compost, there are a lot of ways and ideas wherein you can reuse and upcycle your bamboo toothbrush. Firstly, they are perfect for cleaning grout in the bathroom or in the kitchen where they can be used to scrub fiddly items. The bamboo handles can also be used as plant markers in the garden. Not just that, they can also be used in arts and crafts when you are feeling extra creative

Bamboo toothbrush has natural antibacterial great for oral hygiene

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and environment-friendly which makes it better than plastic when used as a toothbrush. Undeniably, it is great for oral hygiene and best when it comes to sustainability.

Most bamboo toothbrushes have nylon bristles because they are the most effective in cleaning the teeth. Oral hygiene should come first no matter how much you would want to protect the planet but, nylon content combined with other natural materials such as charcoal and castor oil can be as low as 10%.

Some companies have come up with petroleum-free bristles. You can choose bristles that are carbonized and microparticles of active charcoal that will help whiten teeth while you brush and even disinfect the mouth.

Itís also a huge plus that most bamboo toothbrushes have a minimalistic yet stylish design that look better in the bathroom compared to plastic ones. Some even come in different coloured handles which make it easier to identify whose brush is whose.

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