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Why is My Himalayan Salt Lamp Sweating


The simple answer is salt which is hygroscopic by nature, attracts water. A Himalayan lamp gets soggy in the same way salt shakers do but, you just canít chuck in a spoonful of rice and just forget about it.

íSweatingí happens when your salt lamp is placed in a humid and damp environment. In most cases, itís only normal for a few patches of wetness to appear on your lamp. When this happens, donít be alarmed, although you may want to remove your lamp from its original place and put it on a saucer then turn it on to let it dry.

The fact that your Himalayan salt lamp is wet indicates that the air in your home is damp and humid. Dampness and humidity in the air encourages mould growth which can lead to infections and illnesses. Most likely, the moisture in the air comes from cooking, shower or even as simple as breathing. If the wetness is not a huge amount then you can simply get a dehumidifier.

However, your lamp wonít last as long if itís constantly wet. Remember that salt dissolves in water so you may want to move your lamp to a different area in your house.

Keeping Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Dry

Keeping your salt lamp can prolong its life and it is as simple as turning it on for long periods of time. Modern salt lamps are energy efficient so donít worry about your electric bill skyrocketing. Make sure not to use LED bulbs because they do not produce enough heat to dry any wetness.

You can also avoid placing it in damp and humid areas in your house like the bathroom. You also donít want your lamp next to your kettle, stove or dishwasher so avoid the kitchen as well.

If you donít want to turn your lamp on 24/7, you can place it on top of a nice decorative plate or mat to avoid watermarks appearing on your furniture if it starts to accumulate puddles of water. Unplug your lamp and make sure none of the electrical components are wet then wipe away any wetness using a dry cloth. You can also use your oven to dry your lamp. Disassemble (remove any electrical components) and toss the chunk of salt only into your oven and check regularly until it's completely dry.

In cases where pudding is so bad, the lamp could appear to be dripping or leaking water. If this happens, itís highly recommended to not turn your lamp on because the electrical components are most likely wet. Itís best to contact a professional repairman for advice on repairs if necessary.

If you place your lamp in an area that is not damp but itís constantly sweating, you may want to consider getting a humidifier to take some of the moisture out of the air. It helps improve air quality making it less hospitable to dust mites. It also has added benefits like your clothes drying faster than usual.

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