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Why Is Construction Play Important for Children

building blocks for kids

Building Blocks

One of the most important and entertaining forms of play for early childhood development is construction play with building blocks. It may be as simple as a child counting the blocks or as complex as placing these blocks on top of each other to build something creative.

Activities that allow children to be creative and imaginative like constructing and assembling something open opportunities of learning through play. The Tender Leaf Toys Nursery Blocks for example can be stacked on top of one another in order to construct a fantastic structure. Construction play helps translate a childís energy, creativity and imagination. But these can be put into negative use when not channeled properly. That is why in a childís early years, it is important to maximize their skills and aspects into a form of play such as construction play. Engaging in construction play enables not just to put a childís skills but even help develop new ones.

Here are a few reasons why children should engage in construction play:

Social Skills

During their formative years, itís important for children to socialize, interact and play with other kids their age. Interacting with other kids helps build affinity and sociability with people. Playing with building blocks offers such opportunities. Children could play by taking turns and cooperating and coordinating with one another. This is particularly great in nurturing a childís emotional skills by being empathetic of his playmateís situation and by showing sportsmanship.

Creativity and Imagination

Building blocks are the perfect mediums for construction play. Kids building blocks or any unique structures envisions them through their creativity and imagination. A spark in a childís creativity and imagination helps assimilate the concept of uniqueness. Creativity and imagination allows children to explore the objectsí size and shape. This will trigger curiosity and interest.


Educational building and construction toys help children take pride in what they created and boost their self-confidence. Itís essentially important for little children to build self-esteem early on so that they can believe in themselves and know what they do well. This would help them get through different challenges as they grow older.

Problem-solving Skills

Construction play helps improve childrenís problem solving skills because as they play, they can learn to overcome problems along the way and use different skills for achieving better results. They can also analyze and allow critical thinking to take place in order to achieve results or use other alternative methods in order to make it work. In real life, children with well-developed problem-solving skills are far more optimistic and promising.

Helps understand real-life situations

Playing with blocks toys, transforming paper towelsí roll tubes into telescopes or building legos into ships and stations help children understand real life situations. A good example is understanding that without an extra pair of hands, a newly constructed cardboard crate turned pirate ship will never be enjoyable without a captain and a crew. Or with magnetic blocks where children can learn cause and effect relationships. Moreso, the effects of gravity when the tower is stacked high enough.

Physical Skills

Preschoolers who are into constructive play have more developed and improved fine-motor skills and gross motor skills. This is because construction play facilitates the smaller muscles in the hands to function through grasping, stacking, building and manipulating the blocks. With a well-developed finger dexterity, children are able to perform simple tasks such as writing on a piece of paper, using a pair of scissors, painting and many more.

This goes the same way to gross motor skills. During the constructive play, children are able to sit upright, crawl, jump, run around or do active stuff that allow their bodies to move.

Tips for encouraging construction play

To achieve these multitude of educational and developmental skills, parents must offer support and encourage children to engage in construction play. You can start by allowing your child to play with others. If your child does not have older siblings to play with, you can invite her friends over instead.

Know your childís interests and buy age-appropriate toys accordingly. These toys can come in bright colors or can be simple yet not tedious. Complicated ones may allow your child to lose interest quickly and you may end up with toys that will never be played again.

Lastly, allow your children to explore and experiment. When they create something, praise them and give them compliments on their accomplishment. Children love to play more when they are motivated through appreciation.

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