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Why Black and White Toys are Good for Babies


Some of the most highly recommended toys for newborns are in black and white. Baby toys in high-contrasting colours are great for newborn’s visual development. For the first six months, babies can only see in black and white (with some shade of red) and they are extremely near-sighted. Even as they grow older, they still have visual limitations which is why they respond best to bold patterns and high-contrast.

Baby's Early Development

Baby toys, books and nursery decorations in black and white provide enough visual stimulation for your infant’s early cognitive development. They stimulate your baby’s vision and help her recognise and determine different patterns and shapes. These visually stimulating toys pique your their interest which then help improve their memory and in some cases, lengthen attention span. Being able to focus and concentrate also helps with your baby’s brain development where brain cells on both sides of the brain are connected which each other.

Monochrome toys and nursery decorations are great additions to your baby’s toy collection. They are gender neutral and black and white go with almost everything so adding in colours later should be easy.

Books featuring black and white illustrations of different shapes, animals, alphabets and numbers can also develop your child’s early literacy skills. They’re perfect for bedtime stories and cuddle times during the day. Your baby loves hearing your voice so reading stories to her can also stimulate her auditory senses as well as help them learn to associate words to her surroundings.

Black and white books are also perfect for babies and it’s never too early to start reading to your child. Bold shapes, high contrast patterns and faces are best for really tiny tots. And they’ll love hearing your voice and learning to associate words to the things they see.

Monochrome Toys for Babies

Grimms, a popular toy brand known for their rainbow toys, has an amazing selection of monochrome toys and nursery decorations. Their monochrome bunting banners are great to string up in your nursery and their rainbow toys featuring high contrast colours are also fantastic both as toys and decors.

They also have monochrome building boards which are great for developing your child’s fine motor skills while their monochrome tunnel set is very versatile. It can be used as decoration and perfect as a stacking and sorting toy.

Your little one will definitely love Grimm’s monochrome 3 in a boat toy. It’s a simple toy that is visually stimulating as well as engaging. Your child tiny hands can easily rock the boat back and forth because it has a curved base. Great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Plan Toys, another popular toy brand, has a few monochrome toys in their collection. Their mini tin construction set is fantastic in stimulating creativity and sparking imagination and perfect for budding engineers. They also have a penguin wheelie which is so gorgeous and will definitely entertain your little one for many hours.

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