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Why Are Building Blocks Important?

building blocks for kids

Building Blocks

Building blocks come in different forms, shapes and multitude of colors. They are solid-shaped and are widely used by children for building and construction play.

A child can envision a unique structure and translate it through blocks. This activity uses imagination and creativity. Through the use of imagination, children can use the blocks for pretend-plays with infinite possibilities. Imaginative play is important for children to become more creative and trains them to give more attention to details.

This is vital if you want a child to become more creative and more attentive to details. Generally, one of the importance of building blocks is for a child’s self-expression through creativity and imagination.

Children will be able to translate their thoughts and what they think through building unique structures. This helps little children let loose his mind and transform it into basic forms. Moreso, every child is unique and each structure that is built is never similar to other children.

If you happen to notice, childcare centers and schools have plenty of building block sets where children can play with.

This is because building blocks, no matter the form or shape, have essential benefits for a child’s growth not just in their creativity and imagination. Here’s more:

Development of cognitive skills

One of the importance of building blocks is for a child’s cognitive skills development. The child’s cognition is important for processing information, memory retention and for thinking capabilities.

A well developed cognition allows children to easily solve problems. This is through trial and error. When children play with building blocks, mathematical aspects are used such as subtraction and addition.

Subtracting a block and adding a block in order to complete the structure is part of trial and error. This is then essential for children to develop and strengthen the problem-solving skills.

The mathematical skills will also help your children to comprehend, analyze, learn and understand basic geometry and compare measurements and symmetry.

A child’s developed cognitive skills will also translate through communication. This will be very important for a child to be understood and to understand other people.

Communication is also vital in which a child will become more literate. Surely, they will be able to describe what color is the block, what shape and what structure they are building.

Building structures through blocks will also allow a child to think and become logical. This helps to stimulate their mental capabilities. Becoming more logical means also becoming more intellectual.

Boosts self-confidence and other social skills

Building blocks promote teamwork and cooperation with other people. This is important for a child to be able to develop social skills. Building with other playmates will also help a child experience camaraderie, sportsmanship and patience.

Working with other people through playing with blocks will also help a child develop self-confidence. With the ideas and concepts that a child has in his mind, he will be able to confidently share it with the group.

Building blocks will also teach children how to accept defeats, take turns and share. Children will also learn to sympathize, be compassionate and understand other people’s feelings.

Physical development

Building blocks are essential toys when it comes to a child’s physical developments. Crafting structures require the use of smaller hand muscles.

The smaller hand muscles are used in writing, grasping and other activities that require the hand. If these muscles are well-developed, children can perform well and can properly use their hands and fingers. Commonly known as the fine-motor skills, blocks will help strengthen this avenue.

Not only are the fine-motor skills developed but as well as the gross-motor skills. As blocks are used for open-ended plays, children can incorporate other toys. The incorporation of other toys will help develop gross-motor skills where the child becomes more active physically.

Not only that, the child’s hand and eye coordination are as well developed and strengthened. Well, because they will ensure that the blocks will never topple over.

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