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Which Baby Sling to Buy?

Once you have mastered the art of babywearing, nailing it seems a breeze every time your little infant wants some cuddles or if you have a handful of errands to do but canít just leave that cherubic face behind. Many parents have a more convenient life with baby carriers around. The advantages of using baby slings for babywearing far outweighs its disadvantages. Babies tend to be happier and healthier when worn.

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Baby Slings

There are different types for baby slings to choose from; wraps, ring lings, pouches and mei-tai. All of these enable every parent to move around hands-free whilst keeping their baby as close as possible. These baby carriers are cost-efficient and inexpensive with some that can be bought from local charity shops.

Itís highly recommended that proper safety measures must be followed in order to make baby slings work for you. One of the things that must be kept in mind is to keep the baby in a frog position where the knees are higher than the bum. The babyís nose and mouth must be free from obstruction whilst using one. Babies inside a sling carrier must be in an upright position, not hunching nor too low, just right where kisses can be planted on their heads.

With all these few information and things to bear in mind, choosing the right baby sling for you may not be that hard as long as you watch out for these factors. These things are important if you want the perfect baby sling not just for your baby but for you or any other users as well.

Comfortability and fabric composition of the baby sling

One thing to consider before buying your first baby sling is its comfortability. It is not just for the baby but for you, the user as well. There are plenty of sling baby carriers that you can choose from but taking note of the fabric and the materials are another thing. Make sure to buy the baby sling that can get you through all the seasons and is as soft as organic cotton. Since you will be swaddling your baby in it, ensure that you wonít have pains and aches from prolonged babywearing.

Test out some products or if your friend is using one, you can ask her to try it first. There are also baby slings that have excellent features such as padded shoulders and lumbar support. It is also recommended to buy a baby sling that allows you and your baby to have a skin to skin contact. This can pave the way for a stronger bond and connection between you and your baby.


Your baby sling must be adjustable. Make sure to look for ones that have enough fabric and adjustable features. A baby sling with adjustable features is versatile and you can easily make necessary adjustments for a comfortable and safe babywearing experience.

Usually you will ask, can dads use it or will my newborn baby fit to it? Will I be able to adjust it when it becomes too tight? The more versatile and adjustable the baby sling is, the better it is for babywearing.

Quality of the baby sling

All of us want baby slings that are durable enough to last for years because itís a good investment of our money. It would be economical especially if you are planning to have another baby in a few years. The good thing about baby slings is it never goes out of style. Regardless of the pattern you choose, you are guaranteed to have a baby sling that would look as stylish in a few years as it is now.

With this, you need to check on the quality of the sling carrier. Make sure that the babyís weight can be supported like how many pounds can it carry and the like. Also, look for wear and tear. Some baby sling carriers may have factory defects and the earlier detection the better. If you can also get the highest quality of materials, wear and tear are impossible.

You can also check reviews about the baby sling youíre interested in. There are many forums and websites dedicated to parenting and babywearing that you can use as reference. But always be wary with what you read online and understand that thereís always personal bias when it comes to online reviews.

Additional information about baby slings

The good thing about parenthood in the digital age is that there are plenty of online resources that help you make an informed decision about purchasing baby essentials like baby slings. Online forums and support groups are just one chat or email away. Neighborhoods or even close family members can be a source of support so if you are looking for what baby sling to buy, donít hesitate to ask for advice.

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