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Where Do You Store Board Games?

board games for kids

There are plenty of board games that you can choose from. They can range from simple to complex or from child-appropriate to adult-appropriate.

By having one to too many board games, it can be truly hard to choose the right game for the family every game night. There is also another thing that is truly hard to do: storing board games.

Because there is no such thing as a lone board game inside every home, the collection of board games can be drowning. If you have a stockpile collection of board games and a mixture of little kids, the house can be chaotic at times.

If this scenario looks familiar, perhaps where is the right place to store board games and how do you organize board games?

Store on shelves or custom-made storage furniture.

A hoard of board games will look clean, organized and eye-candy if they have an entire area all for themselves. This could be in a custom made shelves or cubicles.

These shelves or cubicles can have adjustable pegs where it can be moved accordingly to the size of the board gameís box. Slide-out shelves are also very ideal so that it will be super easy to choose and get the desired game.

Customized coffee tables are also a good idea where the underneath area can be used where board games can be stored.

Use boxes

Boxes are also perfect storage ideas. They can be placed under the bed, beside bookshelves or in an area where they are easily accessible or in plain sight.

Never store above the cabinets as this can be dangerous for kids especially when they tend to get curious and personally get the game for themselves.

Place in hampers

Hampers with spines and handles are ideal. They can fit inside open cabinets or shelves. The spines should be easily seen and the sides can be tagged for easy identifying.

A wire pan rack can also be attached to open cabinets and shelves so that no space is wasted. The rack can be placed with lightweight and small-sized board games.

Keep in a hanging closet organizer

This is one of the most unique ways in storing board games. A hanging closet organizer that can purposely handle lightweight board games can be attached to a sturdy pole in childrenís room or in the area where the collection of board games can be easily seen.

This idea is also perfect for homes that do not have much space.

Repurpose other containers and items as storage units

Small items such as deck of cards in a cheese container, storage cubes from an old jewelry collection or an old trolley that can be used as moving storage for board games are majestic ideas. It helps reduce waste and allows discarded things to be upcycled and put into use.

Additional tips

Storing board games shouldnít just be placed in shelves, cabinets, boxes or hampers. They should be properly checked first for missing items and parts. Above all, they should be organized.

1. Use large rubber bands. Large rubber bands can help keep board games that have broken lids and those that tend to move a lot to be stable. These rubber bands can help prevent unwanted Ďexplosioní of boards.

2. Group according to sizes. Board games can come in different sizes. By sorting them according to the sizes, this makes them more attractive, organized and in order. It also prevents mixing of smaller items into larger ones.

3. Avoid plate-stacking style. If you are not storing them inside boxes or hampers, stacking board games similar to plates can be difficult to read for the names and can be difficult to get the desired board game. Ideally, when placed in shelves and open cabinets, they should be organized like how books are stored in bookshelves.

4. Ditch broken and deteriorated boxes. We all feel guilty at this sometimes but really, when the boxes and original containers are already in a state of deterioration, they should be thrown and ditched. Deteriorated boxes makes it less appealing and can even enable small parts and playing pieces to be misplaced. Replace old boxes with clear pouches or ziplock bags and donít forget to put labels on them.

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