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When to Use a Lip Balm?

lip balm

Lip Balm

Lip balms are already a must-have nowadays, especially for women. They help prevent dryness, chapped and irritated lips because of several factors. Some make it a habit to apply lip balm even when not necessary. To be honest, over usage of lip balms can also lead to further drying.

Using lip balms too much will also enable you to rely mostly on it and will prevent your body from creating moisture. There are also lip balms that contain sunscreens that may pose a threat to the health once swallowed. It is best not to lick the lips when using one or even without lip balm because saliva alone can dry out and suck the moisture.

Other things that you need to know such as throwing away expired old lip balms and balms that contain ingredients of natural extracts such as beeswax. Old lip balms may contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation. Beeswax are excellent moisture retainers that are organic and natural.

It is also imperative to wash hands if you're going to use your fingers when applying lip balm. Bacteria and dirt from unwashed hands can transfer to broken skin on your lips and can start infection. Furthermore, if you are not into lip balms, the best way to prevent your lips from dryness is to drink plenty of water. Moisture loss can be replenished with hydration.

Now, letís get down to business. Here are the best times on when to apply those holy grails.

Cold and Dry Seasons

It is during these seasons in which you would want to ensure that your lips are nourished and moisturized. Dry seasons can increase further infection and increase more chances of cuts on your lips along with the cold season.

Depending On Your Area

If you live in an area where it is humid and hot, chances are you might have constant dry mouth which can result in dry and chapped lips. Although you can replenish moisture by drinking water, stashing a lip balm inside your pocket or bag can save the day from further dryness.

Before Bedtime

Every night or right after bedtime, you lose moisture. Night time is the best time to repair and heal. Our bodies do that also when we are resting. Nothing beats waking up to a wide and healthy smile than a dry and awful one. Apply right before you sleep and in the morning after waking up. Sometimes, we also fall asleep with our mouths open so it also causes dryness.

After Eating or Drinking

These times can sometimes be forgotten but right after drinking or eating can also be the best time to apply lip balms. Make sure to look for or use brands that contain non-toxic ingredients in which even if consumed, it is still safe.

Apply it before using lipstick

Women who love to use lipstick can attest to this trick. Using lip balm before applying lipstick can help prevent accentuating cracked lips especially if you are a fan of matte lipsticks.

Apply as often if you really have dry and cracked lips.

As long as it does not contain harmful and synthetic chemicals, applying as often as you like, especially if you are more prone to dry and cracked lips. Instances such as under medication or working under the sun.

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