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What Wooden Train Sets Are Compatible With Each Other

wooden train set

Wooden Train Sets

Kids love trains and most likely you have train sets at home. They have been around for many years but remained popular because of theyíre fun to play and have a huge early developmental value.

There are so many options today when it comes to train sets. What remains to be popular with many different sets available is Thomas and his friends alongside a relatively new toddler hit, Chuggington. There are also other train sets that are readily available in supermarkets specifically in any toy shop.

The most popular with collectors is the Hornby model railways which is a model railway rather than a toy train set. It is probably not as suitable for children, especially toddlers. However, you can make the most incredible landscapes and there are other compatible brands out there.

The first thing to decide when it comes to toy train sets is whether you want a plastic one or a wooden one. Honestly, plastic sets are attractive especially for toddlers. If the character set features Thomas and his friends, we are sure itís a hit. But, wooden sets couldnít get any better.

They are environment-friendly and last longer. The wooden texture is an added bonus because it brings your child closer to nature. Wooden train sets are also compatible in general so in over time, you can build your collection.

Building your collection and the compatible sets.

Here at Fluffheaven, any wooden set bought from us will mostly fit with any other set. The accessories from our shop are also compatible. Adding in a garage, airport, police station or the Small Foot fire station can help maximize small world play potential.

The Bigjigs rail track is also a popular choice and on demand. It can also fit with most wooden train track brands such as the ever-popular BRIO, Thomas and the new wooden Ikea track.

It also goes to show that wherever the wooden train track is bought, you can combine it all together. It is also perfect if it was bought by some relatives as a birthday or Christmas gift or if you find something in a charity shop and found some extra track and accessories.

The trackís quality

Probably, you might ponder that the wooden train tracks all work together. If that is the case, why not just buy the cheap ones in the supermarkets?

The answer is that not all wooden tracks are created equal. They are not identical and not all are crafted from the same standards. Because of that, we recommend choosing high-quality ethical brands. They are of better value in the long run and look after the planet and your children.

Bigjigs is a company that is best in looking after the environment. Their tracks are from sustainably sourced wood and the quality is outstanding when it comes to the track and the accessories.

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