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What Lip Balm Actually Works

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Natural Lip Care

With all the innovations and the rise in technology, it is not surprising to find products that have so many false facades and pretenses that in reality do not offer much of a solution but rather the leading cause of the problem. For example, lip balms.

We all know what are the primary functions of lip balms. In case you missed it, they offer hydration and moisturization that prevents and even heals cracked, dry and chapped lips. These lip salves can range from different styles, looks, fragrances, ingredients and benefits.

If we are to answer what lip balm that actually works, the answer can be case to case basis. It could be depending on what you would want your lip balm to do on your lips aside from the plain hydration need or for healing those painful cracks to just prevent pigmentation.

Whatever balm you would want to use, make sure you look for these ingredients that have optimum benefits that can make your lips nourished which can make you look younger. These ingredients are not just part of your lip salve but make it actually stand out.


First, beeswax. Beeswax is a good ingredient because water alone couldnít make your lip saver thick and emulsify. It is a natural wax that helps increase moisture in the skin. Whatís more for the lips?

Beeswax is also safe, natural and organic. It is rich in Vitamin A that helps support the health. The good thing about beeswax is that it never clogs the pores while creating a barrier between the skin and the environment. So, having this inside your lip balm can work wonders.

Shea Butter

Next is shea butter. Shea butter in lip balm can actually help heal skin problems such as cuts and cracks. It promotes natural skin cell growth. It even helps in skin elasticity. What more for crack and dry lips?


Lanolin is another ingredient that you would want to be found in your lip balms. Although it is usually found in oil glands of sheep, it helps provide emollient factors to your dry and cracked lips. Lanolin has an amazing property of preventing water loss so when used in lip balms, it helps retain moisture. Just what you would need to prevent chapped lips.

Essential Oils

Probably, the following ingredients are somewhat overused and already famous: essential oils. There are different types of essential oils and what a lip balm could actually have in order to be effective should depend on what you will need it to.

Essential oils that have healing properties such as Chamomile, Lavender and Peppermint can actually do favor on your lips especially if you want them to heal fast from dryness and if you want to smoothen those ridges.


Glycerin is among the most popular ingredients found in lip balms. It helps prevent pigmentation which enables you to achieve soft and pink lips. It also helps retain moisture so it enables your lipe to prevent dryness.

Flaking and bleeding can also be a serious discomfort for your lips but with glycerin, you can prevent them. Glycerin helps remove dead skin cells so you are left with healthy and soft lips.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

The last on the list is SPF. If you work mostly in hot climates or under the sun, chances are you are more exposed to the sunís UV rays. These rays are harmful as it can cause skin pigmentation and worst, skin cancer. It is best to have your lips hydrated and protected as well.

Lip balms that are sourced-responsibly and made from natural ingredients usually are the best types of lip savers. Not only do they save the environment but because they are organic, they do not contain nasties that will have side effects on your skin.

WIth homemade balms, you can actually know what ingredients are being put and you know that they are safer ones. But regardless of that, whatever type of lip balm you use, make sure that they have superb benefits. You can try and test to find out what actually works for you.

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