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What Is the Best Doll for a 2 Year Old

best doll for a 2 year old

Playing with dolls have plenty of benefits. From developing empathy and compassion to igniting imagination to building and developing a sense of responsibility to enhancing speech and creative communication, there are many benefits of playing with dolls. And they’re not only for little girls but for little boys as well. Parents only want what’s best for their children and that includes choosing the best dolls.

Children can have fun and learn while playing. When they dress their dolls, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are developed which are the set of skills children need when they grow older. Dolls also encourage and engage children in interactive and imaginative role-play sessions where they are able to express themselves and where they learn about social and emotional skills.

Effective communication and speech are also developed when playing with dolls. Children create imaginative scenarios where their speech is put to use. When they indulge in role-play sessions, they narrate stories and thoughts that help them express themselves more.

Furthermore, as children reach the age of 2 or grow to toddlerhood, the way they play gets complex, advanced and creative. They make sense of their surroundings, begin to understand things and even get to the point where they incorporate and act out real life scenarios or situations.

Amazingly, they start to speak in full sentences as their vocabulary will be increasing at a rapid rate over the coming months. In other words, playing with dolls provide a great way to practice language. It also allows children to learn the words for body parts, clothes, needs and emotions.

By the age of 2, toddlers tend to be more conscious of themselves which makes them develop a more self-conscious state. This means that they manifest their dolls as a baby that needs to be taken care of or an accomplice on the game they’re playing.

Even as your children grow older, they are no exceptions when it comes to loose parts or choking hazard parts. It is because children love to explore their dolls and any detachable part could be ingested accidentally. In this case, dolls must be chosen properly and accordingly. Choose dolls that are soft, light and enable children to easily manipulate them. Now, let’s get to know what dolls are best for any 2-year-old to play with.

Some companies manufacture dolls that enable children to change nappies, feed or change outfits. These dolls are more compatible for a 2-year-old baby. In some cases, you may be looking at dolls that have an appearance of a small child or even older.

Rubens Barn dolls are some of the best dolls available on the market that’s why they rank high on most parents’ list of toys. These dolls are well designed featuring anatomically correct bodies. They can stick their tongue out or suck their thumbs just like what babies do! Their eyes are amazing as they are embroidered which give more character compared to dolls with eyes made from plastic. Plus, Rubens Barn’s dolls are available as boys and girls and in varying skin complexion.

Each doll is weighted so it feels that you are really carrying a real baby around. Interestingly, they come with accessories where your child can change nappies complete with pee and poop sets.

Any doll from Rubens Barn’s range are perfect for children of all ages. One of the great things about their dolls is that older people can use them to serve as therapy dolls such as people with Dementia and Alzheimers.

Ultimately, these dolls enable children to sleep comfortably and easily. It is because of the softness and comforting weight that makes them the perfect snuggle buddy after a long and tiring day of playing.

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