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What Is the Best Bamboo Toothbrush

Thanks to the rising awareness of plastic waste pollution, more people are being environmentally conscious with their everyday decisions. Because of this new mindset, eco-friendly products like biotoothbrushes made from bamboo have seen an increase in demand and popularity.


Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Using a bamboo toothbrush for oral care is not only good for our health, but also on the environment. Plastic is an environmental scourge that has become a worldwide problem. Most products made from plastic end up in landfills and litter our oceans, threatening marine life. It could take hundreds, if not thousands of years for them to break down and if they do break down, they become microplastic. Furthermore, the bristles on plastic toothbrushes contain a nasty chemical known as BPA. Several studies link BPA or bisphenol A to serious health conditions like hypertension, heart problems and many more.

Many people are under the impression that going green costs a lot of money. While this is true to some extent, the best way to start living sustainably is to make small changes over time. Eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes are becoming more affordable making them accessible to more people. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is proven to be cost-effective. It lasts long and works the same way in cleaning your teeth. Plus, they are gorgeous and environment-friendly.

Choosing the right bamboo toothbrush

Bristles and size are 2 of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best bamboo toothbrush. For the size of the bamboo toothbrush, will it be for a child or for an adult? As for the bristles, there are a number of options in terms of softness and what they are made should be taken into consideration.

Soft bristles are just effective as medium soft bristles toothbrushes according to studies. Children are recommended to use soft bristles as well as people with sensitive gums. Even dentists recommend soft bristles for all even if many people prefer a firmer (medium) bristled toothbrush.

And once you have chosen the softness and firmness of your toothbrush, you can now take a look at what the bristles are made of. Some bamboo toothbrushes use a mix of castor oil and nylon as bristles while others use BPA-free DuPont nylon.

Environment Credentials

One of our recommendations is Hydrophil. This company manufactures toothbrushes using water-conserving production methods using eco-friendly materials like bamboo and plant-based bristles. They are the most eco-friendly option as they are renewable and sustainable while there is still a need to remove the bristles first before popping the handle in the compost. They do not contain fossil fuel-based carbons and are made from castor oil.

Teeth whitening

Curanatura Carbon toothbrush is the ideal toothbrush that helps brighten teeth and disinfect the mouth. Even before toothpaste is added, these toothbrushes are designed for teeth whitening. Their range of toothbrushes come with a bamboo handle and soft bristles. The bristles are composed of 10% nylon and 90% carbonized bamboo. These carbonized bamboo bristles have amounts of micro-particles of active charcoal that help whiten and brighten teeth. Also, they have antibacterial properties.

Curanatura’s toothbrush ergonomically designed handles are also carbonized. They are waterproof, durable and much nicer to hold.

Aside from bamboo, what else?

Bamboo is a grass but it still feels woody that everyone will not like and will not be comfortable to use. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why some are not ready to switch.

Fortunately, there are some great toothbrushes that can be best alternatives to bamboo. Jack N Jill and NFco are companies that develop biodegradable toothbrushes. Their range feel like plastic but are actually made from cornstarch. They are made from non-GMO cornstarch with nylon bristles that eventually turn into a chalk-like stick in the compost within a year.

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