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What is a collapsible water bottle?

Perhaps you have already heard about collapsible water bottles. These trendy reusable water bottles are usually made from food-grade silicone and can be rolled or folded when itís empty. This kind of reusable water container has become popular recently because of their trendy design and innovative features. Not to mention they do not take up much space in your bag and are more handy and portable without compromising design and aesthetic of the bottle itself.

what is a collapsible water bottle

Everyday, tons and tons of plastic wastes are thrown and the major bulk of these wastes is plastic bottles. They pile up in landfills and floating in our oceans due to irresponsible and improper garbage disposal. Because of this, we are now faced with the challenge of reducing our plastic waste by any means necessary and cleaning up our landfills and oceans. We should bear in mind that most single use plastic, the one that is used in bottled water and beverages, are PET bottles. PET bottles will never decompose. Unfortunately, as a consequence of plastic pollution, our oceans are littered with microplastic which poses a serious threat to marine life.

Plastic bottles not only cause adverse effects on our environment, but to our bodies as well. Most plastics contain BPA which is a toxic chemical that is widely believed by scientific researchers to cause serious health problems like hypertension. It has been published that BPA can seep into our food and beverage so using plastic for anything that goes inside our bodies is really not a good thing.

So now that you are interested in purchasing yourself a reusable water bottle. Let us introduce you to two of the amazing brands that we love that help reduce plastic-waste and helps promote sustainability in a much safer way.

Que Collapsible Water Bottles

The perfect example of a collapsible water bottle is from a company called Que. Their range of collapsible water bottles feature an innovative design that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. They are eco-friendly and offer maximum portability which is perfect for on-the-go hydration needs. No need to bring those bulky and dull water bottles because this collapsible bottle can be shrunk to half of its size.

The 20 fluid oz water bottle stands at 8.4 inches and when empty, it can be collapsed to a cube which stands at 4.8 inches. Kids can also use their collapsible water bottle with the 12 fluid oz capacity that stands at 6.8 inches and can be collapsed to a height of 4 inches. You can also choose different vibrant colors that will suit your mood.

But what exactly are these collapsible water bottles made of? Que manufactures their collapsible water bottles and they made from 100% plastic-free and food-grade silicone. These water bottles do not contain BPA and any other toxic chemicals unlike plastic bottles. They are also durable, shock-proof and can be filled with hot beverages.

Queís collapsible water bottle also ensures a leak proof experience with its 18/8 stainless steel cap. Each bottle is designed with a wide mouth with a stainless steel embedded mouthpiece that allows every user to drink minus the flimsiness. When the bottle is collapsed, you can still use it and drink from it.

What makes these bottles unique is the fact that they are portable to bring anywhere without leaks and without taking too much space of your bag. Since they come in beautiful colors, they are lovely unlike the dull and lifeless plastic water bottles. Moreover, they are reusable and help reduce pollution in the environment. The more you reuse, the lesser the plastic bottles that are buried in landfills, incinerated or left floating in bodies of water.

Rex Londonís Collapsible Water Bottles

Rex London also has their unique range of collapsible water bottles that instead of shrinking it into half of its size, you fold it when it is empty. Each has a capacity of 200 ml and just like Que, these foldable water bottles are BPA-free. They are reusable, environment-friendly and handy. Each bottle has a cute and adorable prints that your kids will love.

Reusable and sustainable

These two brands make collapsible water bottles that are safe to use and safer for the environment. These bottles are both compact, handy and portable while promoting a greener and sustainable development. If we compare it to plastic bottles, instead of throwing them after use, all you need to do is clean it and reuse it. No waste and no fuss. Plus, these collapsible water bottles are cost-efficient in the long run. You save money, you save the environment.

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