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What is a Christmas Eve Box?

You might be wondering if a Christmas Eve Box is another ‘Elf on the Shelf’ style game and wished you had never started? Well, if you have never heard of Christmas box and this pops up in your mind, think of it as an emerging family tradition. But what exactly is a Christmas Eve Box?

christmas eve box

Joys of Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box is basically a box of treats. It is a very nice way to start the festive fun early on the eve of Christmas. Some people even think that this tradition came from the Germans way of opening presents. You could be buying presents or skip it all together and spend Christmas Eve with your family watching a Christmas movie while sipping hot chocolate.

There are plenty of reasons why a Christmas Box can become a tradition. Firstly, even if it is not a tradition that has been around for a long time, it is a great way to start the night before Christmas. It allows kids to be entertained while you handle those last-minute preparations.

A Christmas Box can be anything that you desire. Make it simple or extravagant as you would like and there is no need for it to be a box actually. But you can use a simple cardboard box that you can wrap in a festive paper with a bit of decoration that matches the festivity. You can even buy Christmas boxes from street stores or online retailers. Craft fairs even sell boxes.

The cardboard Christmas tree that used to have chocolates in it could be used. Or you can use a basket, a pillowcase, crate or bag. Those biscuit tins from last year’s Christmas can also be used.

Ideally, who receives a Christmas Eve Box?

The contents of your Christmas Eve Box should be based on the recipient of the gift. Traditionally, children are the recipients but you could give it to anybody you want to be happy on Christmas day. Granny will surely like one or surprise your spouse. Your grown up kids would love them too!

A Christmas Box is your way of adding excitement and pomp to the night before Christmas. There should be no rules, hard or fast they may be. Also, there is no need to hand each person, a big box can be good for the whole family. And if you want to give your bestfriend one, the floor is yours. Ultimately, you want to give a present that will be appreciated and loved by the recipient.

The contents of your Christmas Eve box will depend on who you are giving it to. For example, what you will give your kids this Christmas might not be the same next year because their interests would change.But if the tradition takes hold there’ll more than likely be things you include year on year that you kids will end up doing for their own children one day.

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