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What Gifts to Avoid When Buying One for Vegans

vegan gifts

If youíre vegan, you might have experienced receiving non-vegan gifts on a few occasions. While this could be disheartening, pretty sure it was not intentional since most people do not know what vegans need and want. What matters is the thought that they remembered and appreciated you. You can tell your friends and family members that youíre vegan, either directly or indirectly, so that they can give you a more appropriate gift on the next occasion.

There is an indirect way in which you can tell them that you are vegan. For example is not hiding the fact that you read the labels or ingredients. Going shopping with friends and family will let them know that you opt for cruelty-free products not just food.

You can also be vocal, direct and frank. In this way, they already know what to give you on special occasions and save yourself from any disappointment. It is also better to have an awkward discussion to let them know that you are vegan especially at work so that during the annual gift giving, they already know what not to give.

However, if you are the thoughtful non-vegan sender, you might want to know who is vegan so as to avoid giving non-vegan gifts. If you plan to work out a secret Santa at work, a list of what gifts everyone would like to receive can also be helpful. Furthermore, it is essential to be familiar with vegan gifts since not all are truly vegan. How do we know these are vegan and if so what vegan gifts do we need to avoid?

Since veganism is the practice of being cruelty-free, consuming or using any animal-derived products is a complete no-no. There are plenty of great alternatives that can be bought and would surely delight vegans. Many companies offer a wide range of vegan-approved and cruelty-free products.

Vegan gifts should be carefully thought of since not everything is made truly free from cruelty. Wool socks and sweaters for example are eco-friendly gifts that may look safe for vegans but are not. These products are made from wool which is derived from animals.

You may also want to double check on food gifts such as pastries, cakes and breads. Real vegan bread only contains four ingredients so you may want to check if they are dairy-free, gluten-free and do not contain eggs. Palm oil and honey are also non-vegan so make sure to buy only from reputable companies or better ask the seller about it.

Some vegan products such as processed ones contain harmful chemicals that might do more damage. Although they are not created equal, there are meat-alternatives that are added which can actually harm human health. Moreso, if you read the labels and you canít understand what these products or ingredients are, how do you determine if they are actually vegan-safe?

If chocolates are not marked vegan, then it is truly not vegan-friendly. Some can contain whey, milk solids and clarified butter. Surprisingly condiments such as worcestershire sauce contain anchovies making it unsafe for vegans.

Ultimately, most vegan gifts that should be avoided are food because they can disclose alternatives that are harmful. Some veggie burgers are marked vegan but have questionable ingredients. Some sweet desserts, although famed to be vegan, can contain high amounts of sugar.

If you do not want to offend anybody, as a gift-giver make sure to know your recipient. If they are vegan, do ample research on what products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Buy from reputable companies and take a lot of time researching. It is better to be educated than to be ignorant. Whether you are the recipient or the sender, it is best to know what vegan products to give and to receive.

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