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What eco-friendly products to buy?

From personal care products to home decor, there are a lot of eco-friendly or plastic-free products you can buy on the market. Each of these products provide greener and healthier alternatives to plastics and will help you start your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Even as simple as switching to reusable daily items like coffee cups could help protect our nature for generations to come.

what eco friendly products to buy

Now that you have finally decided to go green, we are pretty sure that you are excited in choosing products that donít have adverse effects on the environment. You may be more focused on choosing eco-friendly products that you can use in your daily life. Remember, not everything you buy are friendly to the environment. Some are just masked but in reality, could do more harm.

Everything starts at home. After all, we all spend most of our time at home and it is where you can start making some changes for the better. We are used to using items made from plastic because they are widely available and to be honest, they are convenient to use. However, we canít just trade convenience for our environmentís destruction. A good place to start is either the kitchen or bathroom. There are loads of products that we on a daily basis that are made from plastic. For instance, most homes use plastic wares as food storage . Food wraps made from beeswax are great alternatives to preserve food with the added harmful effects.

Next is to evaluate your lifestyle choices. There may be hidden products and activities that you are unaware of that instead of protecting the environment, you are adding more pollution and waste. Some of these may look too innocent but in terms of their production, usage and disposal, they are very harmful. For example, using plastic water bottles instead of reusable ones.

Eco-friendly products promote sustainability and zero-waste.

Plastics have already become a part of our daily lives. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there are plenty of items that are associated with it. Sadly, the use and disposal of single-use plastic is becoming a major problem. They are buried somewhere in landfills, littered across the streets or floating on the oceans and rivers. Unfortunately, it takes hundreds if not thousands of years for plastic waste to decompose.

With the aim of reducing the use of single-use plastic and promoting zero-waste, many companies are innovating beautiful alternatives that work the same way. Take a look at reusable bottles and cups. Klean Kanteen is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel bottles. Their range offer amazing containers that even your toddlers will definitely want to use.They have different lids that you can use depending on your needs such as a sippy cap for toddlers or the sports loop cap for active and sports-minded people.

Instead of using plastic bottles and coffee cups for takeaway, you can buy and use reusable mugs and bottles that have fantastic features such as thermal insulation where in you can enjoy every bit of your drink, may it be cold or hot for hours up to the last drop. There are also collapsible bottles and cups that ensures portability and function at the same time. Examples are reusable bottles from Que, Pokito and Rex London. These containers do not contain BPA, lead and other harmful chemicals. They also do not alter the taste and flavor so you can easily switch from your smoothies to plain water.

Another eco-friendly products that you can buy are reusable food wraps and sandwich bags. Ditch those plastic cling wraps, ugly sandwich wraps and say hello to breathable and eco-friendly food wraps. Abeego and Bocíníroll have plenty of items that you can choose for eco-friendly wraps.

The kitchen has plenty of items that can be replaced with eco-friendly ones. Utensils can be replaced with wooden versions. The cleaning cloth that we use on countertops and mop spills have eco-friendly alternatives too. Eco Living has compostable sponge cleaning cloths that works the same way but once beyond usage already, it can be simply tossed into the compost because it is biodegradable.

To remove food debris and tough stains, a coconut scourer is highly recommended. This is an ingenious innovation that is perfect alternative to stainless and plastic scourers. To clean bottles and other hard to reach areas, instead of using plastic brush with synthetic bristles, you can buy wooden bottle brush that has bio-based bristles instead.

Toiletries such as swabs, deodorants and soaps have eco-friendly alternatives. You can also use natural and organic skin care essentials that do not contain synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Cotton swabs can also be replaced with reusable makeup pads that you can just wash after use.

Who says you canít have vegan perfume? These perfumes are infused and made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Example is the one from Pacifica. These are cruelty-free and long lasting scents that lasts.

What to keep in mind

Writing down a comprehensive list of eco-friendly products that you could buy right now could take an eternity so the aforementioned products are a good place to start making positive changes. We have to keep in mind the benefits and advantages of each product and if they are sustainable enough. These things are worth every penny of your investment. We also have to ensure that once we start buying these items, they do not pile up in bins or if they can be recycled or upcycled into something else.

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