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What Are the Best Train Sets for Toddlers?

wooden train set

Wooden Train Sets

Wooden train sets are classic toys that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They have inspired, entertained and brought smiles to millions of children. They have been around for so many years but remained popular because of their developmental value. They’re great in developing a wide range of essential skills like motor skills, problem-solving, communication and many more.

These toys are great for children who are still developing their skills because they are tactile, easy to fit together and the wooden texture of these toys bring kids closer to nature. Most of these train sets are made from responsibly sourced wood from ethical toy brands and have gone through rigorous safety and quality checks to ensure they pass European and international safety standards on kids’ toys.

Interestingly, toy pieces from most wooden train set brands are compatible with one another which means they can be assembled together. If you want to introduce trains to your little one, you can start him off with a starter set then build a collection from there by adding tracks and accessories, either brand new or pre-loved.

You can let the toddlers figure out how to build the track without getting overwhelmed by starting with simple sets or a few pieces of track. However, when children are still young, they have a tendency not to have great spatial awareness when it comes to their bodies. A smaller track will help them easily navigate without the pieces pulled apart.

Train Sets - Made for Little Kids

We particularly love wooden train sets from Tidlo and BigJigs. Both brands are popular for their commitment of making toys using responsibly sourced materials and fair trade practices.

BigJigs is a family-run business and popular toy maker based in the UK. Their toys are made from responsibly sourced rubberwood which is considered as a waste product from the rubber industry. Rubber trees are felled once they stop producing rubber and new ones are planted thereafter.

Bigjigs’ City Road and Train Set

This budget-friendly toy set from BigJig is a fantastic and huge set of trains, cars, building and a little boat. Assembling the entire set may require a fair amount of space and effort but it’s totally worth it. Alternatively, set up a few pieces and both you and your child can have fun problem-solving and building the tracks around the table legs or toy boxes.

Dinosaurs, Princesses and Pirates

BigJigs has a train set for kids who are into pirates, princesses, dragons, dinosaurs or farming. There are also available great accessories wherein additional key skill development and tons of imaginative small world play are allowed.

There is also a pirate galleon which makes a fabulous add on where it can be used as a bridge or fold it up with the elasticated track pieces. Then, your ship is ready to sail. Adding up to plenty of play potential are the cranes which require dexterity and play and learn about magnetism.

Most of our wooden train sets are compatible with accessories from other brands. As a starting point, you can use the My First Wooden Train Set and build your railway system from there.

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