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What Are the best Nappies?

 What are the best nappies for my baby?

We only sell the best washable nappies on the market. We have tried and tested pretty much every brand out there, and if you don't find it on our website, there is a reason!! We have done the hard work in sourcing the very best cloth nappies, so now you just need to decide if you want to go with an all-in-one nappy system or a two-piece nappy system.

How many nappies do you need in your kits?

This depends on various factors, the age of your child, the type of nappy you buy and your drying facilities. Generally, we would recommend 20-25 all-in-one nappies. If you are going for a two-piece system, we would recommend 6 covers for and 24 inserts. If you have poor drying facilities and go for a slow drying nappy like bamboo, add extra nappies. If you are on a budget, super organised or go for super quick drying nappies like flip you can get away with 15-20. For older children, you can reduce these amounts by about 20%.

One Piece Cloth Nappies - easy to use with an absorbent waterproof cover and an absorbent insert all in one!

Like disposable nappies, when you change one piece cloth nappies the whole nappy is replaced at every change. There is no need to buy additional inserts and liners, everything you need comes together in one product. Some one piece nappies have a pocket you stuff the absorbent insert into, with others the absorbent insert is stitched to the waterproof cover. In either case nappy changes are just as easy with one piece cloth nappies as they are with disposable nappies.

If you would like one of our experts to help you further just fill in our Reusable Nappies Questionnaire and we'll be happy to help you!

Two Piece Cloth Nappies - reusable nappies with a waterproof cover and separate absorbent inserts, kind to your pocket and your baby.

Two piece cloth nappies are a great way to buy a stash of nappies. The waterproof cover and absorbent inserts and liners can be purchased separately. They can also often dry in less time than a one piece nappy so fewer nappies can be rotated if you need a system to fit with a smaller budget or limited drying facilities in an apartment. Modern cloth nappies are easy to use and grow in size from baby to potty training so when you buy washable nappies you know that you won't be constantly buying disposable nappies and can spend all your money on toys!

If you need further help please fill in our free Reusable Nappies Advice Questionnaire and one of our nappy experts will reply with a tailored solution.

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