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What Are The Best Jigsaws for Kids

best jigsaws for kids

Jigsaws are great early developmental tools. Learning while having fun is also the best way to motivate kids to develop their skills. Playing with puzzles in general help increase your child’s brain activity where all parts of the brain work together to create a neural pathway.

There are other benefits to playing jigsaw puzzles as well. Completing puzzles help improve your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This activity also teaches them patience, resilience and perseverance. Most of the time when a puzzle is completed, it gives a child a sense of accomplishment and pride which then builds their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem.

With all the aforementioned benefits, there’s no question why jigsaws are still popular even today. So what are some of the best jigsaws for children?

First Puzzles

Puzzles can be intimidating for kids so choosing the right first puzzle is important. Choose a puzzle that offers that are simple like a peg puzzle but still provide some level of difficulty to complete. Puzzles featuring animal figures and shapes can also increase your children’s interest in completing their first puzzles.

Check out our favorite puzzles for children ages 12 months and older:

  • Learn colors, animals names and noises with Tidlo’s touch and feel animal puzzles. As children find the correct hole for each animal to go in, it provides a sensory stimulation that is perfect for those little hands.
  • Tender Leaf Toys touchy-feely animals is a similar styled puzzle with a colored home on the baseboard that features different textured animals like frog, bird, bug, fox and bunny rabbit.
  • Tender Leaf Toys underwater shapes puzzle is the perfect puzzle for teaching your children their first shapes. The puzzle is beautifully illustrated and comes with easy pick-up pegs designed for your child’s tiny hands. The colours on the baseboard allow for easy matching.
  • Goula’s four-colour puzzle is fantastic for teaching colours and basic math. It’s slightly complex but good for building patience, perseverance and ideal for developing those hand-eye coordination.
  • We also love the Bigjigs Cog Puzzle. It is a puzzle and a game fused into one. The cogs should be fitted together on the board and can be spun after.
  • Bigjigs Dinosaur Puzzles are also a hit! It is a simple two-piece jigsaw where there are lots of sets for two-piece puzzle, three-piece and four-piece so the level of difficulty can be increased.

There are many other introductory puzzles like stacking puzzles that are great early learning tools. Puzzles featuring alphabet and numbers are a great way to teach your children their first lessons.

Jigsaw Puzzles for Young Children

Young children will quickly pick up the tricks and tips you teach them in solving traditional jigsaw puzzles. You can begin with simple puzzles of just a few pieces and work your way up. Children learn in different paces so they might ask for help at first.

Preschoolers and toddlers will love the brightly colored and beautifully illustrated puzzles from Djeco. 2-year-olds will love the fantastic puzzles from Goula especially the XXL jungle puzzle.

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