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What Are the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers?

Toys play an important part in the learning process of children during their formative years.

educational toys

At age 2, children should be able to speak at least 50 words spontaneously. This should be not in a repeating manner but should be able to express two concepts. At this age also, they should already be understood by the people around them when talking.

Toddlers at this age are also expected to easily identify pictures when told to and are able to follow simple instructions such as bringing items which are good indications that they have developed their cognitive skills. Childrenís ability to write, doodle and scribble are also improved at this period. They are able to progress from simple scribbles to circles, other shapes and dots. Academic skills should be focused and fostered at this age as well.

Educational toys are the best developmental tools through which children can learn new skills and strengthen those that they already have. As parents, itís our responsibility to offer support and provide our kids with the best toys to maximise their learning potential.

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

Dolls - Dolls are probably the most popular toys for little kids especially for girls. That's not to say that little boys can't play with them. In fact, both genders can benefit from playing dolls. They are great for open-ended plays that allow children to expand their imaginative and make use of their creativity to create new worlds filled with fictitious characters.

These toys are also perfect for developing the nurturing side of children. They can learn empathy, love, care and compassion. You could also house your child's dolls in doll houses and buy a few accessories to make their play more fun and imaginative.

Puzzles and Jigsaws - One of the best ways toddlers can improve their numeracy skills, build problem-solving skills, enhance finger dexterity and develop social skills is by playing with puzzles and jigsaws.

The Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle for example is perfect. Itís a great puzzle tool that allows children to learn sizes, shapes and solve a simple puzzle. The Bigjigs Counting Snake Puzzle, another perfect puzzle toy helps children complete the puzzle and count. It is also perfect for developing strategy, focusing and hand-eye coordination.

There is also something good about the Bigjigs Magnetic Dino Fun. Children can learn about prehistoric animals, recognize numbers and solve simple puzzles.

Play Food and Play Shop - This is one of the toys that children love so much. We think itís about imagining being the owner of a shop, selling goods, computing sales and more about playing pretend. This type of learning toys are perfect for fostering creativity, imagination, communication and social skills.

Board games - Board games are one of the most perfect examples of educational toys. These toys are perfect for toddlers to improve their cognitive skills. Children can learn to develop problem-solving skills, improve their way of thinking, focus, create strategy and analyze.

Board games such as the Bigjigs Ladybird and Bee Draughts and Bigjigs Lock a Block are fantastic examples of board games. These types of educational toys are also perfect for children to improve their speech and communication.

We also liked how the Tidlo ABC Board can help children in terms of their vocabulary. Itís a great board to learn the Alphabet, construct words and communicate.

Cars, Trains and Vehicles - Wooden train sets, cars and other vehicles toys are examples of classic educational toys. They are great also for open-ended plays where imagination and creativity are greatly used. Pull along toys are also ideal as children can learn about cause and effect relationships.

Example is the Bigjigs Dinosaur Pull Along, Tender leaf Ducks Pull Along and the Plan Toys School Bus.

Sorting and Stacking Toys - Educational toys that offer opportunities for children to improve their stacking and sorting skills are also fantastic development toys. Not only that, their dexterity is also developed along with their cognitive skills.

If you are looking for stacking toys, the Tegu Floating Stacker is perfect. It has invisible magnetic points that allow children to construct, stack and create structures. Itís also perfect for them to learn about magnetism as well.

Arts and Crafts Toys - There is nothing better than investing in arts and crafts toys. These educational toys help children improve their dexterity, spark their imagination and enhance their speech.

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