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What Are the Best Dolls for Babies

what are the best dolls for babies

Dolls are for all ages that even from birth, your tiny tot can already have his/her adorable companion. But how do we choose the best dolls for babies? With so many options out there, sometimes choosing the best dolls for our little ones can be overwhelming and a bit more challenging than we would have imagined.

There are different types of dolls and some can be best played when your child is already grown. But for babies? Well, dolls for babies should be free from detachable parts or any potential choking hazard. The benefits dolls provide such as company, fun and comfort are essential to a child’s growth. For most babies, dolls are more than just toys. Hence, choose dolls for babies that are soft and cuddly.

Rubens Barn Dolls

One of the best doll brands is Rubens Barn. They have an amazing range of dolls that are suitable for babies. These dolls feature anatomically correct bodies, weighted bottoms and sculpted faces. They help encourage emotional skills development such as empathy, love, care and patience.

Rubens Barn’s Cuties dolls are perfect for any age because they are designed as light and small. They are bound to be any child’s friend and companion for life!

What’s next is their new Mini Ecobuds Dolls. These dolls from Rubens Barn are a gorgeous take on traditional rag doll. Mini Ecobuds Dolls are even made soft by organic cotton that babies can hug and cuddle. These dolls are designed with cotton tie so you can attach them to prams, bags or even when your baby is teething already. Rubens Barn take pride in their Mini Ecobuds dolls because they are an advocate of an eco-friendly mission where they plant a tree for every doll sold. Wow!

Rubens Barn Ecobuds are ready to take your child for a hand in hand adventure as they are as soft as organic cotton. Older kids will take delight in them as they are both available for boys and girls. Everyday adventure with these dolls are full of action and happiness.

Other great dolls for babies

Another company that makes dolls that are suitable from birth are the Bigjigs Ragdolls. These dolls are amazing in being little one’s bedtime and playtime companion. When babies can already express themselves or once they grow up, they can play dress up games because these dolls’ dresses can be changed. There are also available clothes and gears in which that they can switch and style their dolls.

In conclusion, soft and cuddly dolls are the best dolls for babies because they can be a great companion as a child grows older and transition into toddlerhood. Just make sure that since your babies are still little and learning things through their mouths, there are no loose parts that they can ingest accidentally. It’s highly recommended to read any warnings labels on dolls before buying them.

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