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What are the Best Car Seat Toys for Babies?


Most parents agree that travelling with babies are far easier than with toddlers. While babies need more tending to than toddlers, when it comes to keeping them entertained during the travel, sometimes all you need is a clip-on activity. And since babies sleep a lot more, you can get through the entire travel time without any fuss if your baby is asleep. Regardless of whether you are on a road trip or just headed to the nearby supermarket, you may want to bring some baby toys with you to distract and entertain your little one throughout the car ride.

Car Seat Baby Toys

For car journeys, pram toys are ideal. These toys are great for the car since they attach easily to the car seat which prevents them from being repeatedly thrown or getting lost.

Little toys like wiggly worms and noisy animals that easily fit in your travel bags are perfect toys to bring along with you on your journey. We highly recommend the Bigjigs’s spiral cot rattle which is a soft toy featuring a clip, inclusion of colors and textures and perfect for auditory stimulation.

Bigjigs also has a wide selection of ball toys that are great for sensory stimulation like bell balls, activity balls and spiky balls. Tegu, another popular toy brand, has magnetic swivel bugs that are guaranteed to tickle your baby’s curiosity about magnetism.

Green Toys’ shape sorters are another great baby toys. It is a lightweight shape sorter that is easy to hold and turn. It also has tons of shapes that your baby will enjoy figuring out. When shaken, it makes a noise.

Additional tips

It’s recommended to prepare toys for long car journeys to avoid any inconvenience on the road. You want to have some baby-friendly music or audiobooks ready for the trip. Bring along a rattle or something with makes noises that your babies can play along while they listen to music.

When your child has already reached the age where they can put small toys into boxes, you can let them play an easy transfer game with a couple of tubs and some small toys, blocks or squares of fabric. Bring along tubs full of small toys where they can move the toys in between tubs.

Other good options include soft books that have crinkly pages, rattles, teethers and your child’s favorite soft toy or comforter. Make sure to bring toys that are made from safe, non-toxic materials and do not have small detachable parts, especially if you are the one driving the car and could not pay much attention to what your baby is doing.

Random items on hand can also entertain and keep your babies occupied while on the road. For example is a water bottle that they can shake. Hairbrush, plastic mirror, a silicone phone cover or anything that is safe and does not pose a potential choking hazard.

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