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What Are the Best Baby Gifts for a Baby Girl?

Here is what you should know when it comes to giving shower gifts or infant gifts to a baby girl. These ideas are only a few of our favorite picks and you can still add in more to make the event a memorable one.

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Gifts for Baby Girls

With so many options to choose from at local stores and online shops, there are plenty of amazing baby gift ideas from personalized baby gifts down to unique baby gifts. Actually, the worry and confusion about choosing gifts for baby girls is not that high compared to choosing gifts for baby boys. Maybe because most toys (usual option as gifts) are mostly entailed and covered in what is widely considered girly like pink.

However, if you really want to have the best baby gifts, no matter the price, you can think about those that are durable which will last for years and not just for one-time use and those that are heart-warming yet very useful not only for the baby alone, but for the new parents as well.

Gift Baskets

The most unique baby gift that we love is a gift basket. This can include a collection of bath essentials such as soap, shampoo, moisturizers, balms, salves and nappy rash creams. It can also be a basket filled with sensory toys such as the noisy toys, colorful shape sorters, rainmakers, textured toys and the likes. Take the baby gift basket idea to another level and fill it with environmentally-friendly diapering essentials such as reusable wipes, cloth nappies, liners and boosters.

Personalized Blankets

Blankets make for amazing baby gifts. You can opt for ones that are made from organic cotton or those that are made by fair trade workers. There are many shops that offer embroidery so if you want something more personalised for the baby who will be receiving the blanket, have her name embroidered on it.

Personalized Baby Registry

Here are a few checklists of personalized baby registry if you want a unique gift: Baby stroller, set of baby clothing, crib with mattress, feeding bottles, linen cloths, cloth diapers and baby essentials.


Who says books canít be gifted? In fact, there are varieties of inspiring books and educational ones that have sensory stimulators inside. The parents can even read a story before bedtime.

Wooden Toys

We love wooden toys! They are natural and eco-friendly and most of them like wooden blocks, play an important role in a baby girlís early development. Choose from wooden blocks, wooden activity walker, rattles, teethers, shape sorter, stacking toys and many more.

Baby Picture Frames

Baby pictures hanging on the wall, right next to the bed and anywhere in the house are absolute and wonderful sights for a growing family and for visitors. Although classic, picture frames are unique gifts that can even be gifted for baby boys.

Plush Toys and Dolls

There is a wide array of plush toys and dolls that are suitable for newborn babies. Pretty sure, these will last for years even when the baby is already grown up. Plush toys and dolls will help in the emotional development of babies and will be a great companion with tons of cuddles and kisses.

Capping it Off

The list we created is short because there are still many wonderful gifts for a baby girl out there. You can look for online suppliers and stores that are supporting fair trade and those that have eco-friendly options.

The best baby gifts for a baby girl are those that could contribute to her development as she grows older. It would also be nice to give a gift that her parents could use like some baby essentials like reusable nappies with girly prints and illustrations. Toys that have both entertainment and educational value should also be high on your list. If you want to go well above and beyond and have extra money to spend, you can opt for something that could be personalised like onesies, blankets and muslin clothes.

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