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What Are the Best Baby Gifts for a Baby Boy?

Shopping for gifts for a baby boy could be a tough one but loosen up because we have wonderful baby gift ideas for all budget ranges. From unique gifts to personalized ones, you can come to the baby shower party in full hand in no time even if youíre on a tight budget.

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Gifts for Baby Boys

Generally, baby gifts for newborn boys could be anything from toys to toiletries but most of us do not have the luxury of time and money to buy and indulge in expensive baby things, gears and products. In reality, most parents do not really care about the price of the gift. Hey, itís the thought that counts! Anything that both parents and baby boy can use for a long period of time would be appreciated.

These gifts can be unique or personalized. But what are these?

Unique Baby Gifts

Any gift can be unique and special regardless of the baby boyís age. Probably the most common baby gifts are toys. There are plenty of options to choose from but most of these toys are made from plastic and could potentially cause health problems for your child. So we highly suggest buying something thatís more eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials like wood like those from Grimms and BigJigs. Both toy makers are popular for their range of wooden toys that provide early learning opportunities for kids. These toys are made from responsibly sourced wood and finished with non-toxic dyes.

Examples of these toys are wooden building blocks, rattles, noisy toys and toys that the baby can learn about cause and effect like push button toys and magnetic wooden toys. Activity walkers with so many useful activities incorporated such as stacking and shape sorters are also unique baby gifts. Playmat is also another idea so that the baby can play and crawl on the tiles safely and comfortably.

You could also go for baby essentials if the baby boy recipient already has a lot of toys. Examples are diaper bags, slings, carriers, baby towels, blankets and muslins which are all baby essentials. Inspiring books can also be gifted which baby boys can use from birth to potty training. Picture frames and photo albums are also excellent unique gifts since parents can put in the cutest baby pictures that they can hang on walls or next to their bed.

Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalised gifts such as baby blankets with embroidered name of the baby boy to baby utensils with their picture or name on it would be ideal if you have money on your gift budget. You could also go for a baby footprint and handprint kit or a cute personalized box of baby registry essentials. Doing the same thing for sensory toys and sensory treasures is a fantastic personalized gift.

Another great idea is making your own gift hamper. Fill it with baby essentials, toys and toiletries and add a ribbon to make it more presentable.

However, if you are truly out of time, you can simply give cash to the babyís parents. Monetary gifts could go a long way. They could use the money to buy something they need for raising their baby boy or set up a savings account. You could also give the babyís parents discount coupons or subscriptions to stores and shops where they can shop for baby essentials and have them delivered to their doorstep. Save them trips to the stores which would be a huge win for them!

In conclusion, the best gifts for baby boys can either be unique or personalized ones regardless of the price. Most gifts that are well-thought of usually think about the parentsí and the childís welfare. Furthermore, it would be a huge plus if these gifts also take care of the planet.

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