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What are the Best Baby Carriers for Breastfeeding?


Infants get most of the nutrition from a motherís milk. Breastmilk helps ward off bacteria and viruses because it is full of antibodies. It is not just the baby who happens to gain loads of benefits but the mother as well.

When a mom breastfeeds, calories are burned which can help in losing weight fast. Breastfeeding also lowers the chances of ovarian and breast cancer. By breastfeeding, a mother saves money buy not being able to buy formula milk, bottles and nipples. It is also a form of connection and bonding between the mother and the baby.

The same principle results in using a baby carrier. Both the mother and the baby can have plenty of time together and the connection becomes stronger as the child grows. Using a baby carrier can also make the child grow healthier and happier.

If we get to choose the best baby carriers for breastfeeding moms, it will surely make every nursing mum happy, safe and the baby cuddled and secured most especially. So what are those?

Generally, any baby carrier can be used to breastfeed a baby as long as you are already comfortable with. But there are some that can make breastfeeding more convenient, less adjusting phase and more easier.

Baby Slings & Wrap

The ring slings are types of baby carrier that enables you to hands-free carrying your baby in a more comfortable and secure way. It involves a piece of woven cloth and double o- ring. This baby carrier type is the best one for nursing mothers because the baby can be swaddled in a classic reclined position.

Not only does a classic reclined position is doable but as well as the upright position which is the easier way to breastfeed a hungry baby. What makes these baby carriers ideal for breastfeeding is the fact that it can provide coverage for the nursing baby and can securely wrap the baby whilst youíre on it.

A baby wrap is a type of babywearing that involves a woven and stretchy fabric. You can tie it multiple ways or simply follow some proper ways to ensure a secure swaddling of the baby. When used in breastfeeding, it allows babies to have a coverage and just like slings, upright and reclined position are both doable.

Didymos makes some of the best eco-friendly baby slings and wraps on the market. Their baby carriers are made from 100% pure cotton fabric, featuring a wide variety of patterns and allow for multiple carrying positions.

Structured Baby Carriers

Apart from the above-mentioned, any traditional baby carrier can become the best ones for breastfeeding. Yet, you have to look at certain features that will make breastfeeding comfortable, secure and private.

Structured carriers that have detachable hoods are perfect for coverage when itís feeding time as much as it can be used for weather protection. Next is those carriers that have large and plenty of pockets where you can place all the nursing essentials that you will need. Good brands that have these features are Lillebaby Complete, Ergobaby, Tula and Connecta.

There are also structured baby carriers that can be adjusted and will enable every mother to reposition the baby. These types of baby carriers can be used all year round because of the unique air panel. The unique features also include lumbar support and thick padded shoulder straps. Lillebaby Complete has all these features.


Mei-Tai is a type of baby carrier that originated in East Asia, particularly in China. It can be used by breastfeeding moms and enables every user to use it as a front, back and hip carrying positions.. Although it comes as one-size, the straps are adjustable so you can securely and comfortably adjust them so that the baby can properly latch on.

Some brands of a Mei-Tai baby carrier can have detachable hood for coverage and mothers can carry their baby in 3 ways. The padded straps are also a plus to prevent soreness of the shoulder for longer hours of baby feeding.

In conclusion, these baby carriers are only a few of the different types that allows mothers to nurse their babies. What matters is that the benefits such as coverage for discreet nursing, padded and adjustable straps so baby can easily latch and the security of keeping your baby as close as possible whilst breast feeding.

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