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What Are Some of the Most Popular Travel Mugs

Portable coffee mugs are great alternatives to disposable coffee cups. They are convenient, easy to clean and do a good job at keeping our favourite coffee hot while we commute to work.

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By now, most of us are aware of the devastating effects of plastic waste on our environment. Disposable cups, while made from paper, have a plastic lining called polyethylene which makes them waterproof and at the same difficult to recycle. In the end, these throw-away cups are piling up in landfills, burned in incinerators and littering our oceans and seas. Furthermore, it would take thousands of years for them to decompose.

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Stainless steel is probably the most popular material used in reusable travel mugs. They are rust-proof, highly recyclable, sustainable, durable and the most resistant to bacterial and mould growth. As a material, stainless steel does not condensate on the outside which makes them great for hot and cold beverages. As highly durable, stainless steel travel mugs are unbreakable and with proper care, would last for many years. At the end of their life, they would be processed and upcycled into something entirely different.

Stainless steel is stain-resistant because itís non-porous. This means mugs made from this material are easy to clean and do not really require thorough cleaning. Thatís not to say itís okay not to clean your travel mug. Itís still better to wash them as often as you can. They donít alter and impart flavours which is a good thing because you can switch between beverages easily. Most stainless steel travel mugs feature a silicone or heat-resistant lids but you should still be careful when drinking hot beverages.

Glass Travel Mugs

Glass is another popular material used in travel mugs. Itís considered eco-friendly and durable enough to last for a few years. Glass has been used for food containers and liquid vessels because it does not impart or absorb taste and odour. Because glass is transparent, any residue and stains would be visible so you can remove them by washing your mug. Most glass mugs are dishwasher-safe so if you are busy and donít have time to clean your mug, simply toss it into your dishwasher for cleaning.

Glass mugs come with either cork or silicone bands so that you can hold them easily with your hand even if the contents are hot.

BPA-free Plastic Travel Mugs

Not all plastics are bad. Some travel mugs are made from reusable BPA-free plastic materials. Theyíre cheaper than glass and stainless steel mugs because plastic is an affordable material. Thereís a wide selection of capacity, sizes and designs to choose from so thereís a reusable plastic mug for every one. Unfortunately, plastic mugs impart and alter flavour. After all, theyíre plastic even if theyíre the safer kind. They need vigorous and thoroughly cleaning to remove tough stains and residue. While not as durable as stainless steel, they could last a few years if you look after them properly. Once you replace them, you could put them in your recycling bin.

Switching from disposable cups to travel mugs might be difficult for some but at the end of the day, travel mugs are far better for us and the environment. We should take responsibility for our actions that contributed to the detriment of our planet and start taking action to save it.

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