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Ways to Store & Organise Bath Toys

Know how to store and organise your childís tub toys properly for a clutter-free bathroom.

ways to store and organise bath toys

Nobody wants to be tripping over bath toys littered all over the bathroom floor. But we canít just throw these toys away because our kids love them. Theyíre great in keeping them entertained while bathing and in some cases, they reduce stress and anxiety from children who are frightened to get wet.

Proper storage and organisation of help declutter your bathroom and reduce the risk of bacteria and mould from forming on all of these toys.

Letting bath toys dry

When storing tub toys, itís necessary and important to consider that they should be dry. Storing them while wet can only increase the chances of these toys getting mouldy. But some toys like squirty toys are difficult to keep from getting mouldy so itís highly recommended to not buying them for your child.

Choosing the right storage can make a huge difference in keeping your childís bath toys clean and mould-free. You can save yourself some trouble by buying toy storage specifically designed for tub toys. There are toy storage that in brightly coloured animal shapes and pail buckets with draining holes at the bottom. Some are quite expensive but they are totally worth it. However, if you want to be creative and save money, there are a lot of options too.

Here are a few storage ideas:

  • Storage containers with drainage holes and good airflow to help toys dry quickly.
  • Mesh bags and fishing net style bath scoop that attaches to the side of the bath.
  • Tiered shelves with draining holes are great for organising your childís bath toys.
  • Wired baskets with command hooks
  • Small dish rack provides great air circulation in keeping bath toys dry.
  • Baskets hung via shower curtain rungs on a tension rod behind your bath.
  • Metal hanging fruit basket
  • Reusable string shopping bags that you can hang anywhere you have a hook.

More tips

Keeping your little onesí tub toys storage containers within their reach offers an opportunity for them to learn how to return their toys after theyíre done playing with them. You can also teach your children to tidy up their toys. Storage with suction cups or hooks are ideal for this.

While there are advantages to storing your bath toys in containers that are easily accessible, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of. If you keep all toys within your kidsí reach, chances are they would end up getting bored real quick. So to make things interesting and different, do not store all of your bath toys in one container. Itís recommended to have multiple storage containers in your bathroom if the space allows for it. If your bathroom space is limited, you can with tiered shelves instead. Storing your bath toys this way will keep your children interested in their toys for a long time because you can easily rotate different toys.

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