Way to Play Grand Prix

Way to Play Grand Prix

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Brand:  Way to Play

  • Fosters creativity and imagination.
  • Builds interaction and social skills.
  • Brings about the development of language and communication.
  • Improves hand and eye coordination.

Way to Play Grandprix

Bring the excitement into the comfort of your homes with this spectacular and grandiose Way to Play Grandprix.

Grandprix by Way to Play is an extravagant race track that will let loose your kids creativity and brings about their adventurous side. This race track features 24 segments that consist of 16 curves and 8 straights all reversible. Kids can use it on any surface and is fully compatible with other playing sets.

The curves are unique with printed curbstones and the straights are special with the start grid, finish line, and pit lane. Kids special racing car toys will have endless of high-speed fun. 

Let the countdown begin!

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