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Vegan Gifts for Christmas

vegan gifts

Vegan Gifts

For the record, it is not mandatory to giving away Christmas gifts but in celebrating the spirit of the birth of Jesus, we share gifts to others which makes it a tradition for some.

We all have friends or even one of our siblings who are vegan. You might wonder what are the best vegan gifts for them in time for the holidays. Donít fret and worry, this article has loads of ideas that you can follow and use so you can avoid the Christmas rush and long lines.

Vegan-safe Food

The most basic and common is food. There is actually a whole selection of food items that are proudly vegan-friendly. Remember that vegans do not eat pork, poultry, beef and anything that has animal products on it. The safest are those that have cruelty-free trademarks, are dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Vegan chocolates are perfect gifts along with real bread, chocolate drinks, cheese, Non-GMO snacks and treats. Watch out for breads that contain egg and butter. Condiments such as those from Tabasco and Heinz are safe and friendly to vegans. Pretty sure a nice stash of these will fill those cupboards just in time.

Crisp and chips are also nice ideas. There are brands that are actually meat free which vegans will prefer and love. Sainsburyís have a wide collection that you can choose from. If your recipient is more of a chef-like, a vegan cookbook is a fantastic gift idea. There are plenty of vegan-safe recipes that they can follow.

Gift Boxes and DIY Vegan Gift Baskets

If you want a more personal gift, you can buy a hamper and create your own DIY vegan gift basket or buy readily available gift boxes online. You can fill it with snacks, bath essentials or fruit and dairy-free delicacies.

Bath essentials can include bath bombs, bath soak, solid shampoo bars and solid toothpaste. There are also vegan-friendly deodorants that you can add in. Surprisingly, there are online companies that have monthly subscriptions of healthy hampers that you can gift. Less hassle as they ship them right at the doorstep.

Men would also love to have a set of their skin care essentials. Brands such as Norse have vegan-safe essentials like beard oil, bear salve, aftershave and beard soap. They are excellent gift ideas for your male vegan friends this Christmas.

Organic Clothing and Furnishings

Ethical vegans, apart from eating a vegan diet, consumes and uses vegan-safe merchandise too. Tees or any kind of clothing that are made from organic cotton are among the favorites. There are also other types of fabrics, as long as they are not furnished from animalís skin, such as bamboo, viscose and modal that are excellent alternatives for vegans.

Bags, belts, gloves and boots can all be wonderful presents as long as they are made cruelty-free. Plant-fabrics such as hemp or manmade fabrics such as nylon are wonderful materials for clothes or furnishings. Did you know that there are vegan pins too?

For Everyday Life and Use

One of the best gift ideas for vegans are those things that can be used daily and for everyday life. Reusable stainless steel water bottles are a perfect example. They can be used wherever and when out and about. Even non-vegans can use them too! These are made from high-quality stainless steel that never alter the taste nor impart flavor. Count juicers in too.

Wooden utensils such as bamboo spork and straws are wonderful additions. These are vegan-friendly and have a kinder impact for the environment as well. Diffusers are also fantastic. Vegans love essential oils so if they can have diffusers where they can use their oils for detoxifying and de-stressing is heart-warming.

Safe for the Vegan Kids

It is not just parents who are also vegan. They can also influence their children or the children can follow the philosophy on their own will. Wooden toys are great gift ideas. Those that are sourced-responsibly are perfect gift ideas.

Kids will also love books. These are educational and vegan-friendly. Temporary tattoos can also light the eve of Christmas and children will love waking up to them the next morning. You can also improvise dough clays made from flour that children can use for their creativity and imagination.

The Bottomline

Even if it is not Christmas, some of these ideas are great tokens for vegans. As long as they are cruelty-free and do not patronize industrial animal farming, they are safe and good. Above all, what matters during Christmas or even before are the spirit of sharing and the spirit of thoughtfulness.

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