Union Colombian Timana Ground Coffee (Strength 4)

Union Colombian Timana Ground Coffee (Strength 4)

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Brand:  Union
Size:  200g
Fair Trade:  Yes

Centuries ago, a warrior tribe ruled the land this coffee grows on. This coffee is named after them - timana. It's packed full of fruity flavours, with a rounded body. Grown by a smallholder co-operative in colombia.hand-roasted coffee

Union was created to make coffee better for everyone

We’re pioneers in two things, which we have relentless focus on Roasting & Ethical Sourcing. They are called Union because they have created an ethical union with their suppliers, the farmers. They pay them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families and workers. They work with their partners long-term, towards constantly improving the quality of coffee and livelihoods. Called Union Direct Trade, and they were one of the first roasters in the UK to trade directly with coffee farmers.

Today, we work in 14 countries with over 42 producer partners to bring you an ever changing selection of delicious coffees, from our house blends to single origins and exciting microlots

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