Tula Toddler Baby Carrier

Tula Toddler Baby Carrier

Our Price:  €154.54


Brand:  Tula
Size:  25-60lbs
Country Of Manufacture:  Poland
Structure:  Buckle
Front Carry:  Yes
Back Carry:  Yes
Hip Carry:  No
Infant Insert Needed:  No
Cross Straps:  No
Ruck Straps:  Yes
Cross & Ruck Straps:  No
Dual Adjustable Buckles:  No
Hood:  Yes
Pocket:  Yes
Temperature Regulation:  Average

The Tula Toddler Baby carrier is perfect for your little explorer. 

Every parent has experienced that stage where you think your toddler can manage the trip to the park or the zoo without needing a pushchair only to end up having to carry them half way and feeling it for days after. Or when they get grumpy as they're tired and need a nap but there is nowhere to get them settled. The toddler carrier from Tula bridges that gap. Wide enough to support your growing child's longer legs, meaning you still feel comfortable. Light and neat enough that you don't have to sacrifice half the boot for a cumbersome buggy, or a double if you have a younger baby in a pushchair.

The Tula Toddler Baby Carrier is recommended from 25-60lbs. As a guide we would advise ensuring your child fits well into age 2-3 trousers before using a Toddler size Tula carrier as they are quite wide to support an older child.

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