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Treating Armpit Rash During Transition to Natural Deodorant

Transitioning to a chemical-free deodorant can be challenging for some people. The success of the transition usually depends on your bodyís chemistry and sensitivities. Other people transition seamlessly, however, others would have to go through a detox period. Some even have to search and try different brands before they could find one that actually works for them.

treating armpit rash during transition to natural deodorant

One common problem during transitioning is the development of an armpit rash. Although it is normal, but having a discomfort or a rash could be a sign that the natural deodorant you are using isnít compatible with your skin and looking for another formula is a must.

Causes of Armpit Rash

There are several reasons why one could develop armpit rash during transition to natural deodorant. One of the most common reasons is that our underarm skin is quite sensitive and relatively thinner than the rest of our body. It is also one part of our body that is moist where bacteria could thrive. When transitioning to natural deodorant, you might start experiencing chafing in the armpit area and sweat more. This is only natural because your armpit is adapting to drastic changes.

Natural deodorants usually contain sodium bicarbonate which is effective in neutralizing body odor and keeping you dry. Body sweat is naturally acidic while sodium bicarbonate is alkaline. The chemical reaction when these 2 are mixed could cause a burning sensation and in some cases an armpit rash.

Sodium bicarbonate is still a mild irritant even without sweat. Exposure to high amounts of sodium bicarbonate could lead to serious skin irritation especially to people that have very sensitive skin and eczema.

Other ingredients found in natural deodorants like pure essential oils and botanicals could also cause skin irritation. If you develop a rash while using a natural deodorant, take note of the ingredients and try to avoid them as much as possible when you try your next natural deodorant.

Armpit Rash Treatment

When you start developing an armpit rash, stop using your deodorant. Go without a deodorant for a few days and try applying natural deodorant again. The first month of your transition is usually the hardest. It is also recommended to transition during cooler weather so you can go deodorant-free for a few days and not worry about body odour.

Always keep the area clean and dry. It is recommended to naturally air dry your pits instead of using a towel as it can further irritate the rash.

Here are a few things that can help speed up the healing process.

  • Moisturise the area. Coconut and sunflower oil works well. Keep the area moisturized. Using coconut or sunflower oil works in moisturizing the skin.
  • Once there is irritation, the skinís pH is more likely unbalanced. You can clean your armpit and restore pH balance using diluted apple cider vinegar.
  • Use arrowroot powder to prevent friction and moisture.
  • When there is irritation, never shave until the rashes are fully healed.
  • Switch to a deodorant that does not contain essential oils or sodium bicarbonate.

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