Training Tricycle Trike 2-in-1
 Training Tricycle Trike 2-in-1Training Tricycle Trike 2-in-1 

Training Tricycle Trike 2-in-1

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Brand:  Small Foot

  • Develop and learn a sense of balance.
  • Boosts self-confidence.
  • Small Foot's 2-in1 training trike that can transform into a two-wheeled bike.
  • Features rubber finished wheels, grips and the adjustable saddle.

Get ready for the marvelous next trip with this stunning Training Tricycle Trike 2-in-1! 

Small Foot's Training Trike is little ones little transport that will allow them to learn balance as they prepare to use the real ones and when they finally learn the balance bike excursions, this trike can be transformed into a normal two-wheeled bike. Twice the fun!

Is it durable? Absolutely! The wood used in this trike is naturally treated meaning no mites will eat it away! It is of the highest quality and will last through the test of time. The saddle can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable sitting position. It has rubber-finished grips and wheels to ensure stress-free riding.

No license is needed for this ride! Must wear all the protective gears thou!

Capacity: 30 kg

Dimension: 64 cm x 41 cm x 37 cm

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