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Tips for Storing Wooden Train Set

wooden train set

Wooden Train Sets

Wooden train sets have been around for so long because of their developmental as well as education value to kids. They are wonderful toys that help children develop a wide range of skills including fine motor skills, problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication and many more.

Most train sets include trains, detachable track pieces and a lot of accessories like tunnels and train stations. Children are guaranteed to be occupied for hours trying to figure out where each piece should go. This could be fun and at the same time educational because it sparks a child’s creativity, curiosity and expands imagination.

With all these toy pieces, you need something to store them otherwise you’ll end up with trains and tracks strewn all over the floor which could be painful if you accidentally step on them.

So how do you properly store train sets?

Train tables

Train tables are tables designed for train sets. They are highly recommended because you could set up your entire railway system on the table and the space underneath the table can be used for storing accessories and unused track pieces. Some train tables have wheels and come with large drawers which is handy for storage purposes.

Some train tables can be used for toys other than trains. For instance, BigJgig’s train table is perfect and suitable for setting up a toy farm, toy car racing tracks and as a base for wooden building blocks. You can also cover the surface and use it for children’s arts and crafts, games, puzzles and many more.

How to organize wooden trains and tracks?

Trains and tracks can be organized using drawers and storage tubs. Storage containers with dividers work well and are compatible enough. It is essential to separate the track by shape and size because it allows a neat and tidy storage. Children can also see the track they have to work with and decide which piece to use next.

The bedroom can also be an ideal storage place if you want to keep your train set. You can use the storage tubs with wheels that can be placed under the bed or if the living room is your playground, these tubs can be fitted under the sofa.

Some accessories like public display signs and trees can be stored well in shallow storage tubs that come with dividers. But if you have bigger accessories, such as tunnels, bridges, trains and pirate ships down to fire stations, they will not fit neatly. Well, at least, these bulkier items can be stored in bigger storage boxes or can be arranged on shelves. It would also encourage your children or at least remind them to play when some of their model trains are out on display.

For future generations

We all know that wooden toys are timeless. For instance, those train models bought today happened to have been played when you were still little. The similarity is uncanny. Some, even have theirs brought out from their attic for their children.

There are also a few things to be considered when it comes to storing wooden toys if you want the future generations to use it.

  • First, store your toys in areas where they stay dry. Wooden toys don’t like getting damp unlike the plastic counterparts so make sure to keep them away where they can get wet.
  • Second, extreme temperatures should be avoided. When wood is exposed to too hot or too cold areas, it grows and shrinks. It is because it encounters heat and cold so choose an area that is suitable for your wooden toys.
  • Lastly, before storing the toys, remove the batteries first. Wooden train sets can be made more fun when you add a battery-operated train. Make sure to have the batteries removed first before storing.

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