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Tips for Selecting Early Learning Toys

Choosing the right toys to maximise your child’s learning potential is important. Not only will they affect your child’s development, they could also contribute and shape what your child would become as an adult.

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Areas of developments for the cognitive skills, communication, social and emotional skills are essential to be focused on. These will help children develop problem-solving skills, memory retention, self-confidence and compassion for other people. Additionally, with these different areas introduced, promoted and developed, a child is more likely to become successful in school and in life. That’s why it is recommended and necessary to include educational toys in children’s play.

However, with a wide selection of toys nowadays, you might be confused on what toys your child should use and play. Learn some helpful tips on selecting early learning toys for children.

1. Choose open-ended toys and those that are great for pretend play.

The great thing about open-ended toys is that it can be used in so many ways. These toys are great for fostering creativity and imagination. The more a child uses the imagination, the more the cognitive skills are developed.

Wooden toys such as building blocks, construction toys and arts and crafts are perfect open-ended toys. Can we also include dolls and dolls houses? They sure are fantastic for pretend plays. The Grimms Rolling Boats, Grimms Small Step Counting Blocks and Grimms Building Rings Pastel are perfect for imaginative and open-ended plays too.

2. Choose age-appropriate toys and those that will match your child’s interests.

Some parents could relate to the situation where your child will only play with his new toy for a couple of days and then lose the interest totally. To think toys do not come cheap at all. Maybe it does not match his interest or it’s not that engaging at all.

Well at least this can be prevented if you choose toys that will match their interests or toys that are fun and engaging. No matter how impatient your child can get, there will be a toy that will develop patience and bring about good skills. Examples are puzzles, legos and other interlocking manipulative toys.

3. Choose toys that boost social-emotional skills.

Who wouldn’t want a child to become interactive, compassionate, understanding and cooperative? These traits can be developed at an early stage with educational toys that will boost social-emotional skills.

Toys such as dolls, ride on toys and pull toys are perfect examples.

4. Choose toys that will promote exploration, problem-solving and experimentation.

Children at a young age love to explore, experiment and ask questions. Naturally, children are born inquisitives. Whatever thing, activity or situation that will spark curiosity, children will surely explore, find answers and ask.

Toys that will help them achieve skills such as problem-solving skills, learn spatial relations, improve finger dexterity and build logical thinking skills are perfect.

The Bigjigs Garden Bug Keeper, Bigjigs Magnetic Board and the Bigjigs Magnifying glass are majestic toys that will help promote exploration and experimentation.

5. Choose toys that will aid numeracy and literacy.

We all want our child to learn the alphabet, construct sentences, speak words and learn to count numbers. This means the early learning toys should aid in literacy and numeracy. These toys will improve the child’s communication and numeracy skills.

The perfect examples are magnetic alphabet boards, books and arts and crafts.

6. Choose toys that will promote physical development.

Apart from the mental abilities and wonderful traits, your child must also be able to strengthen and develop physically. This means that you must choose toys that will promote physical development.

These toys should be able to let your child practice physical skills and develop new sets. Well, at the sidelines, we could cheer for them.

Examples are balls, ride on toys, activity walkers and pull toys.

At the end of the day, choose toys that are safe for your child to play. Choose those that will never put their health at risk and select toys that will put your child’s mind and body into use. Check out our gorgeous range of educational toys.

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