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Tips for Cleaning Wooden Train Sets

Learn tips about cleaning and sanitizing your childís precious train sets.

wooden train set

Wooden train sets are some of the most popular toys for kids because they provide hours upon hours of fun and engaging play while helping children develop a wide range of essential skills. Trains sets come with plenty of bits and pieces that require assembly. You and your child can have a wonderful bonding moment assembling tracks to form a railway system complete with a locomotive, tracks, tunnels, display signs and train stations.

However, after some time, you might have noticed that these toys have accumulated a smorgasbord of dust, saliva and grubby fingerprints and thatís just on the surface. Most of the time when toys get dirty, they become a conducive environment for bacterial and mold growth.

Little children love to explore their surroundings using their hands and mouth. Anything that a young child can get a hold of most likely goes straight to her mouth which is why itís highly recommended to clean and sanitize your childís toys regularly to prevent her from being exposed to disease causing germs. Do not wait for the toys to become dirty because it might be too late.

Here are some tips on how to clean and sanitize your childís wooden train sets. You can also use these tips to clean almost any other toy in your childís toy closet.

How to clean wooden train track

Generally, wooden train tracks are made from unvarnished wood which makes them naturally absorbent and porous so submerging them in water is not recommended and should be avoided. Soaking your wooden train tracks, or any wooden toys for that matter, into water could cause irreparable damage to your toys and you would most likely end up with deformed and warped toys. You shouldnít toss them into your dishwasher either. Never use your dishwasher for cleaning toys unless otherwise indicated in the care instructions.

Cleaning your wooden train track is pretty simple and easy. All you need is a damp cloth and warm soapy solution. Use mild soap like Castile as much as possible and never use abrasive cleaning solutions.

Clean your wooden train sets in 3 easy steps

Cleaning toys with so many pieces like wooden train sets could be a difficult task. But once you wrap your head around it and you have already done it so many times, the task becomes effortless. The first thing you need to do is prepare the things you need like cloth, cleaning solutions, scourers and cleaning brush. Itís also highly recommended to encourage your child to partake in the cleaning activity because it will teach her how to look after her toys. Note that if you will let your child assist you in cleaning her toys, do not use cleaning agents that contain strong chemicals like bleach.

Step 1: Use a brush with soft bristles or coconut scourer to get rid of any obvious dirt on the surface of the toy.

Step 2: Dampen your cloth with your chosen cleaning solution then use it to wipe the wooden train sets.

Step 3: Dry the toys completely. To speed up the drying process, leave it under the sun if itís a sunny day but not for too long as there is a bleaching effect. You can also add extra cleaning while drying them out.

Additional tips for cleaning wooden toys

1. Vinegar and baking soda are fantastic cleaning agents you can use. They are widely known for their natural antibacterial properties. To use, dilute it with an equal parts or amount of water. The smell of vinegar may be too strong so you can add a few drops of essential oils. Donít worry as the smell will dissipate as the toys dry.

2. Another great way to clean wooden train sets is to use a hot or warm soapy water. But remember to use a natural non-toxic dish soap and wipe toys with a clean damp cloth before leaving them to dry.

3. The first choice when cleaning a wooden train sets is probably not bleach because of the fear of your child ingesting it accidentally. But, if you want to deep clean their toys especially after an illness, then using bleach is a good option. First thing to do is to dilute 1 part of bleach to 10 parts of water.

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