Tidlo Space Station
Tidlo Space StationTidlo Space StationTidlo Space Station

Tidlo Space Station

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Brand:  Tidlo
Age:  6m
Material:  Wood
Packaging:  Cardboard
Country Manufacture:  China

Tidlo Space Station

Its one small step for little ones and one giant leap for Tidlo!

 The Universe and all its possibilities keep us in constant fascination. Its an exciting adventure waiting to be explored. From staring up at the stars at night to playing with our favourite toy. We amaze with wonder how its all possible?

Launching into the stratosphere is the Tidlo Space Station. It comes complete with rocket ship and accessories. You can send your astronaut into space and as you are nearing your approach jettison the rockets modules and dock with the stations airlocks to climb aboard.

 Explore the station using the clicking lift and visit the hydroponic garden and every space explorer knows to keep those muscles strong by using the treadmill. Use the space crane to move the storage cubes and samples about the station. If moon exploration is the order of the day then take the buggy out for a spin.

After all this fun you will need to get some sleep whilst the solar panels recharge

This set features a plastic connector system to interchange parts. You can use the storage cubes and solar panels to build your own satellites. Wooden toys have never been such fun. 



22 piece space station set 

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