Three Hills Soap Pure Calendula Soap Unscented

Three Hills Soap Pure Calendula Soap Unscented

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Brand:  Three Hills Soap
Size:  100g
Packaging:  100% Recycled & Recyclable Brown Paper
Country Manufacture:  Ireland
Dimensions:  8 x 5.5 x 2
Sustainable:  Yes

Do you have dry, itchy or sensitive skin?

Calendula soap 100g is a soothing face and body soap that helps with dry, itchy skin conditions. We make this product with shea butter for added nourishment. And the natural calendula scent will make you feel more relaxed. It also doesn't contain any artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin. Perfect for use on children and babies soft gentle skin.

  • Cleanses skin without stripping it of natural oils

  • Soothes irritated skin

  • You feel more relaxed

  • Perfect bath time companion

  • No more itchiness and dryness

Three Hills Soap calendula soap is the perfect solution for your sensitive and dry skin. Calendula with its naturally soothing effect helps gently soothe irritated and damaged skin. It also provides moisture throughout the day without leaving any residue. It's made with natural ingredients like olive oil, calendula flowers and more and has no added fragrance or palm oil. This soap bar has a pale yellow colour and a texture due to dried calendula petals.

  • Handmade using cold-process in Ireland

  • Made from natural ingredients like calendula shea butter

  • No artificial fragrances and preservatives

  • Palm oil-free

  • Free from SLS, alcohol, parabens and phthalates

  • Zero-waste, plastic-free packaging

  • Suitable for vegans, cruelty-free

Looking for a natural soap for your dry, itchy and sensitive skin?

Our calendula soap 100g is the solution for all your skin needs. It contains calendula which has soothing properties and a blend of essential oils like olive oil that work together to nourish your skin. It also contains shea butter which nourishes and moisturises the skin. This means it's the best choice for even the most delicate skin like those of little baby.

Why You Should Use Three Hills Soap Calendula Soap 100g?

  • Calendula (calendula officinalis) flower extract has an amazing natural scent that will make you feel relaxed

  • No fragrances to irritate skin conditions

  • Works great on all skin types but especially for dry, itchy skin

  • Perfect for sensitive skin

  • The soap contains calendula extract which promotes healthier-looking skin

  • Calendula flower extract has natural inflammatory and antibacterial properties

The more soaps we use, the more we learn that they're not created equal. Commercial brands in particular often leave our skin dry and flaky. There's just too much chemicals in these soaps that they would do more harm than good. Many people search for natural soaps for their dry, sensitive skin and we're happy to oblige.

We have included this new calendula soap from Three Hills soap in our collection of natural soaps. It's made from natural ingredients and comes in zero-waste packaging. This soap is even better because it doesn't contain any of the usual nasties found in commercial soaps. We're really sure that this soap will give you a lot of skin benefits because we use them ourselves. Your skin will thank you for using a bar of natural soap. You're going to love this soap and you'll never want to use another soap ever!

Buy now and reap the skin benefits of using a natural soap!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is calendula (calendula officinalis)?

  • Calendula (calendula officinalis) is a flowering plant native to Southern Europe. It's flower extract is used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Is this suitable for vegans?

  • Yes, this product is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

What is calendula soap good for?

  • Calendula soap is used to revitalise skin, fight the ageing process, and help heal wounds.
  • Calendula flowers have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it a great soap for people with various skin conditions. Using calendula flowers in soaps has a lot of healing benefits. It's great for rashes, scratches, eczema and psoriasis. The soap is gentle on sensitive skin and helps soothe irritated itchy and dry skin.

Is calendula good for the skin?

  • Calendula flowers, while typically used for beauty purposes, is also a powerful medicinal plant. It can be applied to help relieve symptoms of skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. Calendula helps promote the production of collagen.

Is calendula soap safe for babies?

  • Calendula flower extract infused soap is quite gentle and safe for babies. Most people use the plant in butter form. When rubbed into the skin, it effectively heals diaper rashes or dry patches of skin.

Is calendula soap good for acne?

  • Several studies have shown that calendula flower extract can help reduce acne. It effectively kills bacteria which is the leading cause of acne. It also helps balance the skin pH to prevent breakouts and cracks.

Is calendula soap good for wrinkles?

  • Historically, calendula has been used to fight signs of ageing like wrinkles. Calendula’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are thought to be an effective treatment against wrinkles.

How to use a calendula soap?

  • The natural healing powers of calendula soap makes it truly amazing. It is also quite gentle enough that it can be used on a daily basis which is helpful especially for those with delicate skin.
  • Apply a thin layer directly onto the skin to create a lather, wait for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Is this calendula soap handmade?

  • Yes, this calendula soap is hand made in Ireland using the finest natural ingredients.
  • They leave their lovely calendula soap to harden for at least 24 hours before being removed from the mould and cut into bars, that's why their soaps are really good.

Does this contain glycerin?

  • Yes, this soap contains vegetable glycerin. The glycerin in homemade soap is moisturising and retains its value, while commercial soaps can remove it completely and their soaps can be sold at a higher price.

Do these soap bars contain essential oil?

  • Yes, they do. In fact, they’re packed with essential oils like olive oil, rice bran oil and more. These oils evaporate quickly and are extracted from the stem, flowers, seeds, root, leaves, or stems of plants.

Are these calendula soap bars plastic-free?

  • Yes, this beautiful soap comes in an eco-friendly brown paper cigar wrap. It is completely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

What size is this calendula soap?

  • The weight of this soap is 100g (roughly), as it is a handmade soap it may be +/- 5%.

Is this calendula soap textured?

  • This calendula soap is textured due to the dried calendula petals.

What does this calendula soap smell like?

  • This calendula soap is unscented. But it gives off a mild, sweet aroma found in calendula flowers.

Can I give this as a gift?

  • Yes! If you're looking for a way to pamper yourself or share the gift of sustainability with someone else or maybe support brands that are concerned with our environment, a handcrafted bar of beautiful soap made from natural ingredients is truly special.

Do you offer free delivery?

  • Yes, we offer free shipping for orders over £40 so you can save more.

Additional Tips:

  • Do a patch test before using the soap to make sure you're not allergic to any of its ingredients.

  • Do not leave the soap in the water for too long or it will turn soft.

  • We recommend a wooden soap dish that will keep your soap hard after each use. It will also help you make the most out of every soap because it will last a long time.

  • Use the soap within 6 months of opening.

  • All pertinent information about the product is made available. But always read and check the label on the packaging for the complete list of ingredients and any warnings from the manufacturer.

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